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Why correctly building your brand is crucial in this post-lockdown world

Though various countries have continued to loosen their lockdown restrictions, the pandemic remains far from over. Therefore, the onus is on your business to adapt itself the best it can to the “new normal” – and rebuilding your brand will be a big part of this effort.

Some firms have thrived in the pandemic; others have just survived. However, in carefully crafting your brand – your message to the world – to suit the COVID era, you can boost your firm’s chances.

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Watch out for your employees’ welfare

Your business can’t go anywhere without its employees, but this isn’t the only reason why you need to look after them while the coronavirus is still out there. After all, other people – including potential customers of your company – will be watching what you do.

You’ve probably heard stories of people opting to boycott particular brands that neglected – or even callously abandoned – their employees as the pandemic struck. Don’t become one of those brands.

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Consider what role your business plays in the COVID world

In an article for Harvard Business Review, Copenhagen Business School professors Carsten Lund Pedersen and Thomas Ritter note that, while many firms in the travel, hospitality and events sectors are questioning their post-pandemic viability, other companies are accelerating their growth.

That’s because the latter offer products, like home office equipment or online collaboration tools, that make sense in the pandemic – and you could try to adjust your own offerings accordingly.

Show authentic leadership in a world where it’s often lacking

The pandemic has certainly sorted the men from the boys, so to say, when it comes to how they have reacted to the new threat. The true measure of your leadership is tested in tough times – and that’s as relevant in business as it is in, say, politics.

When customers feel failed by their governments, they will be looking to brands for the kind of solid, Winston Churchill-style inspiring leadership lacking elsewhere, Forbes contributor Benjamin Laker says. Basically, these customers will want you to help guide them through the crisis.

Strategically pivot to “COVID-proof” marketing projects

Whatever was on your marketing plate before the pandemic, you probably discarded much of it – or, at least, postponed it – quickly once you could easily see virus-induced trouble on the way.

Ultimately, you should prioritise initiatives that will most help to buttress your organisation against pandemic-related risks. You should be wary of investing in numerous projects all needing the same critical resources, like specific managers or departments – or a war over resources could erupt.

Are you ready to put your plans into action?

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a simple “yes” or “no” question. If many members of your team are now working remotely, there could be several hindrances to marketing campaigns that would have been much more practically feasible in “normal” times.

Remedies for these issues could include utilising influencers already accustomed to creating great marketing content from home, as Forbes contributor Anthony Svirskis points out. The influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful could bring you into contact with those influencers.

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