In this blog post we’re going to give some quick information about how to set up a website for the purpose of SEO. SEO is a complicated field and there are countless methods in order to secure high rankings in search engine’s result pages, which can take years to properly understand. That is why in this blog post we are just going to focus on the basics. This guide is designed for anyone who is trying to rank their business’ website, for publishers there is an entirely different methodology to ranking.

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  1. Create Some Good Landing Pages

Many businesses start with just trying to rank their website’s homepage however this is counter-productive what you need to be doing is ranking specific landing pages for specific keywords. For example if you’re a digital marketing agency that want’s to rank for specific keywords and your based in Cardiff firstly you’ll want to create landing pages for SEO Cardiff, PPC Cardiff and Social Media Marketing Cardiff. You’ll want to put a sign up form on their and you’ll want to put some information in about how your website looks.

  1. Make Your Site SEO Ready

You will want to look in to how to implement schema into your website, which is a bit of code that sends a message to Google with details about your website. Next you’ll want to think about filling in metatags for your entire website. Meta tags are make up two parts metatitle and metadescription, the metatitle is the title you’ll see of search results in the SERP’s, you’ll want to put a keyword relevant to that page here on your website. Next you’ll want to fill in the metadescription with a short description about what that page is about. In order to implement metatags you can either do it directly in HTML or if you’re using Word Press plugin such as Yoast SEO.

  1. Gaining Backlinks

The final and most important step is developing a strong backlink network that is gaining hyperlinks from one website to that of your own. There are several tactics for gaining backlinks but the two most common ways are creating blog content on your website and promoting it to bloggers and gaining backlinks through various outreach methods. The final way to gain backlinks is through guest posting on various blogging platforms, whilst Google has advised against using backlinks it remains to be one of the most important ways to gain backlinks in 2019. You can just search “your niche” + guest post to find guest posts in your relevant field.