How to use DVDs and to Promote your Brand

Marketing is a necessity, and very few products can sell themselves – if any. However, too many businesses do what everyone else does and have difficulty making a mark in their niche. marketing tool.

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They’re a Powerful Medium Visually

We are visual creatures by default, and images tend to catch our attention better than words. This is why companies spend so much time creating a logo and their packaging/marketing material. The more visual information we have on a particular product, the better idea we can make of it, and the higher the chances we will make an actual purchase.

The internet has cornered a large part of the visual marketing space. However, television and cable are still kings, and a large portion of the population still watches most of its graphic content offline. Many businesses don’t have the means to buy TV ad time, but a DVD could be a clever way to pierce into that market.


Allows You to Connect More Personally with Your Core Audience

DVD marketing allows you to not only showcase your products and services but your company as well. You can use your DVD to showcase interviews with various department heads in your organization that will explain some of the manufacturing of the product. This will also be an opportunity to demonstrate your business’s spirit and philosophy. This will allow you to build authority, credibility, and trust in your community and convey your brand’s mission to new customers.

Great for Direct Mail

One of the biggest challenges of direct mail is engagement. Unfortunately, lots of people have developed a blind spot for mail adverts. However, DVDs succeed where regular ads don’t. DVDs are usually viewed as more valuable; your audience will automatically associate this value with your brand. People are much less likely to discard a DVD without watching it and are more likely to open a mailing knowing there’s a DVD inside.

It has been estimated that DVD mailings have a 5-12 percent success rate, which is up to 60 percent higher than other materials. Not only that, but DVDs can cost much less than regular print ads. Some companies even print their DVDs in-house using tools like the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, which was reviewed on This further cuts costs, making DVD marketing one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools.


Using DVDs to promote your business is not only simple but cost-effective as well. It’s also one of the best ways to build brand awareness fast within your core demographic. So, if you want to bring visibility quickly for your brand without breaking the bank, DVD is the way to go.

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