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How to Tell Your SEO Strategy is Working

A few years ago, simply employing SEO tactics meant you stayed ahead of the competition, regardless of how rudimentary. The story is completely different today. SEO is a necessity; without it, there is simply no way you can survive in business, let alone get ahead of anyone. The problem with SEO is that it is not a physical product you can see. Knowing the signs to look out for is the only way to tell if the strategy works. Here are a few pointers from Shreveport SEO Company – Expert to help you check if you are on the right track.


You Are On Top Of Your Keyword Game

Keywords are simply the words or phrases people regularly type in on search engines (such as Google) when looking for products or services. Ideally, using keywords means that your name appears on the search engine results when people search for terms related to your products or services.

Preferably, you are in the top five on the results. This can only happen if the keywords are relevant, current, and highly targeted. Unfortunately, keywords are ever-changing, so what got you to the top of last month’s results may not work this month. You should maintain the top spot as long as you constantly stay current with the keywords.

You Have Strong Citation

A citation is basically where your business information goes on an online directory. This information includes business names, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Some of the best guides include Foursquare and Yelp. If you have correct information on reputable business directories, the search engine can pull your information for a local search related to your business. Of course, there is a strategy to increase the chances of your business recording a hit for local searches. For one, your business information needs to be the same everywhere it appears online.


You See Positive Online Traffic

Online traffic refers to the people who find their way to your website strictly from the search engine. When an internet user searches the web for information, finds your website on the search engine, and clicks to come to your website, this is referred to as traffic. If you notice more and more people coming to your website, your SEO strategy is working. Some factors influencing web traffic include search engine ranking, Meta descriptions and titles, and high-quality content.

Measuring your SEO strategy results can be difficult, especially if you have no digital marketing background. Consider hiring an expert SEO company to do the job for you. The company measures results and develops tailor-made strategies to boost online visibility and website traffic.

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