With the increased interest of fitness amongst Australians, we find the demand for training gyms on a steady increase. This has lead to individuals passionate about the fitness industry opening their own gyms. However, without any formal business experience, the process can be quite daunting and complicated. Here is a guide to everything you need to know if you’re opening a commercial gym equipment. Once you have defined your gym business, the next step is to start sourcing the equipment by ordering sample products and rough quotas on all the equipment you’ll need.

This step requires a lot of focus on quality across price fundamentals and it is found that many aspiring business owners will visit the manufacturer in person. This allows them to connect more with their product and the company supplying them.

Once you have decided and received all your equipment, it would be the right time to uncover the floor plan of your building and where each and every piece of equipment will go. However, I will discuss this point in more detail further down.



Staff/Personal Trainers

Your staff is key as this will determine the culture, level of customer service, the programs in which the gym will offer, along with a myriad of other factors. It is wise to employ individuals who have a unique skill or teaching practice that will make them a valuable member of the team. For example, forming a team of individuals experienced in administration, business operation, personal training in a number of unique disciplines and friendly, outgoing people who will connect with your clientele.

Choosing which individuals to involve can be difficult. However, choosing people based on a few basic metrics like experience, work ethic, interests and so on will see you establishing a strong team to carry your business.


Many individuals tend to under-prioritise the importance of sufficient flooring and mirrors within a gym centre. Firstly, flooring is fundamental and it is found the best type of flooring suited to gyms is rubber as it provides a softer, more bouncy feel. This is hugely beneficial, as there is less chance of equipment being damaged if dropped. Plus, it is found to increase the safety of users too.

As for mirrors, they are a great tool to use when checking ones form during an exercise and have therefore become a staple fitting in every gym we see nowadays. Mirrors, in addition to lighting, are satisfying for patrons, as they can see their progress during their gym journey and can identify areas of weakness.

Equipment Layout

Another important factor to consider is the interior layout of your gym and its equipment. This is important, as room between machines and position of machines will alter people’s impression of their satisfaction with your gym centre.

A good rule to follow is to group machines based on what muscle that machine does. For example, grouping all the machines associated with leg muscles in one area and so on. Furthermore, spacing machines out by at least one metre is important so patrons can easily maneuver throughout your gym. If this is done correctly, it will optimise your clienteles gym session.

It is clear that starting a new business is difficult although following this guide will ensure the establishment of a successful gym and lead more Australians to a healthier lifestyle.