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How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

Regarding business management in 2021 and beyond, much of the business landscape has shifted toward the online space. The holiday season is filled with holiday shoppers looking to make all their purchases online instead of in physical establishments, mainly to limit the potential of infection from the COVID-19 crisis. With so many things going on in the current year, the business landscape is one of the sectors that have taken the biggest hits. Many companies are looking into Reputation Management Software to improve their online reputation.

Negative Reviews Online

Even for startups looking to make their mark, the overall direction remains the same — which can be a blessing in disguise. It simplifies many processes that go into boosting brand recognition and gaining success as a business. If a startup wants to succeed, it would be a good idea to render all products and services online and ensure search engine optimization (SEO) solutions are applied to help boost overall brand exposure.

That said, there is more to digital marketing than a higher search ranking spot and overall online traffic. Even if all a company cares about is the bottom line, things will quickly turn for the worse if they do not focus on online reputation management. It pays to know when the user’s company is mentioned, so reputation management software is crucial. That said, there will always be a chance for negative reviews no matter how hard a business owner might work — and how they respond to such criticism can make or break any digital marketing strategy. Here are a few ways to respond to negative reviews online.

Understand the difference between negative and constructive criticism.

The trouble with negative criticism is when the reviewer does not provide any means of potentially turning the situation around for a business. They can talk about how much they hated a product or service but not why. In such cases, proceeding further and asking for specifics would be a good idea. Unfortunately, not every reviewer is willing to respond to such matters, so all the company likely gets is a negative review for the sake of a negative review.

On the other hand, constructive reviews provide potentially useful feedback for any business. It is especially beneficial for startups still unsure how to progress regarding their services. As a general rule of thumb, ignoring the negative reviews that make it obvious that the reviewer is trolling is wonderful. However, if it is possible to probe further, it is recommended.

Maintain consistency no matter the scenario.

Remember that as a business that uses reputation management software, digital marketing tactics, and potentially a social media agency, it is crucial to put the best foot forward, no matter the scenario. Consistency is key, and any business representative who cannot act professionally in every online situation that calls their attention is likely to tank a business.

This is why some businesses use a social media policy to ensure employees understand the ramifications and consequences of such actions. There is nothing to be gained from replying negatively to a bad review. It will show the business negatively if a negative response is written on a popular social media platform. Some people might just be trying to get a rise from the company representative with such reviews.

Offer a means of rebuilding trust.

When a company finds particularly scathing reviews, it would be good to rebuild trust between the company and the consumer, especially if the business owners know how to fix the problem. While it might not be a part of the day-to-day processes and could get in the way of potential revenue at any given point, offering the customer an unconditional guarantee that the business will solve any issue if they call the company directly is never bad.

While not every negative reviewer will take the chance to call and rebuild, the ones that care enough about the company would likely jump at the event. Not only will it help a company get in touch with its target audience, but it can also shift a negative review into a positive one.

The opportunity to improve

Some business owners might see it as a blight and another difficult situation to handle regarding negative reviews. However, the company owners that rise to the occasion will likely see negative reviews as another opportunity to improve. As stated above, the reason why startups benefit from negative reviews is the fact that they can make the right choices moving forward. Even an industry leader who is tried and tested will still have much to learn, so negative reviews are always an opportunity to rise and make the most out of any situation.

The same goes for companies active enough on social media to respond to negative criticism. If there is a way to make things right, a company should not hesitate to rebuild the trust lost, as it can provide loyal supporters.

Regarding digital marketing and making the most out of various SEO solutions and tactics, Reputation Management Software will undoubtedly offer most businesses an invaluable means to improve themselves. However, it is not enough to know about the negative reviews — it is far more important to understand how to respond to such types of criticism and turn things into a winning situation. Attaining success in a competitive industry is about learning how to respond to negative criticism, as there is always the opportunity to turn it into a positive review.

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