Hand Painted Portraits of Your Favorite Memories

If you have ever wanted to sit down and paint a photo-realistic painting of your home, your pet, or even your children? Are you one of those “I can’t even draw a stick man!” sort of folks? There is a great, low-cost way to have a hand-painted piece of art made by YOU.

Hand Painted Portraits

paint your numbers. After an hour or two, you will have a beautiful painting that you can very honestly say that you painted yourself. This hobby is where many talented professional artists first practiced the use of color harmony, good composition, value and contrast, and various color theories.

Relax With Happy Little Paints

Anyone looking to relax and get away from the stress of school, work, marriage or partners, kids, and other commitments can lose themself in a painting with personalized paint by numbers. There is no need to take expensive art courses to enjoy the relaxing hobby of painting. There is personal satisfaction with painting, especially when the subject matter is near and dear.

Art Therapy

Doing artwork has consistently been shown to provide significant stress relief to those who participate in it. Coloring in a coloring book has been shown in comprehensive studies to affect meditation in adults who participate in that activity for a moderate amount of time every day. Anxiety levels declined significantly in a study of people who colored in patterns and shapes. Coloring in coloring books is rewarding when it comes to stress relief in a stressful world, so why not show off the fruits of your progress in stress-free living by making fun artwork that can be framed and hung up – potentially becoming a treasured heirloom for family and friends who are gifted hand-painted creations.

Host Your Own “Paint & Sip”

If you would like to create paint by numbers in a less solitary environment, a fun party idea would be to host a self-guided paint and sip event. After obtaining paint by numbers that hold a significance for each painter (allow about 3 weeks to have this custom item created and shipped), find some wine that pairs well with creativity and joins together for a group art therapy session. No instructor is needed when you use paint by numbers, as long as you can count and you don’t have an issue with color blindness (Even in cases of color blindness, it might be fun to try a Man Ray Ansel Adams inspired grayscale creation.). How many pain and sip events have you seen that facilitate the commissioned portraits of family members, landscapes that include the artist’s home, or personalized paintings of cherished pets?

Personalized paint by numbers is a unique gift for anyone who wishes to dabble in painting without spending an arm and a leg on art courses – which is a fruitful endeavor and a time commitment that most can’t rationalize the expense of as a hobbyist. Who doesn’t love getting their hands dirty and crafting a fun project in a few hours, especially when it is proven to lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety? For the same cost as having a few drinks with friends, or catching a movie with a date, or playing a few hands of blackjack at a casino, you can spend a relaxing afternoon painting a beautiful portrait of your pet, your child, a beloved parent, your new home… anything you have a clear photo of can become a hand-painted masterpiece that can be hung up and cherished. Please take a look at PAINT YOUR NUMBERS for a wonderful craft kit like no other.

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