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What are the best apps for positive thinking?

Getting swamped with a negative aura in our lives is quite a normal thing for any person. We all have something going on; negativity is inevitable since you might encounter challenges or bad news during the day. You can eschew this through positive affirmation.

Different initiatives by Prem Rawat aim to help people who need physical help and people who need emotional support. He created an application that ensures people get the help they need.

For example, if you have a big presentation in your workplace and are feeling quite down, you might tell yourself, ‘I am a hardworking and proficient individual who will rock the presentation”. These affirmations work because they generate positive thinking and keep away negativity.

Affirmations help motivate, build confidence, and give us the courage to face whatever we are afraid of and conquer the situation. It can be difficult for most individuals to call up positive images and phrases continually. This is because we have to find the thin line between concentrating on negative thoughts and concentrating on positive experiences and ideas.

What are the best apps for positive thinking? 1

The following are applications for positive thinking:

Positive thinking apps

For more information, click on the following link: and give these apps a try if you want to include more positive affirmations in your daily life:

1. ThinkUp

This is the best motivational app designed by Healthline. After downloading and installing the application, you can record positive affirmations. There are those days that we find motivated and good about ourselves. This is the perfect time to get out your phone and record the positive affirmation.


Prem Rawat is an innovative and well-informed leader. He started the Timeless Today application during his 50th anniversary. This was a way of offering help to people at different localities. Timeless Today’s application offers information concerning human peace capability based on Prem Rawat’s work. This app can be installed on Android and iOS gadgets. This app allows you to share and send comments to other individuals.

3. Kwippy

This application gives you different challenges to do. For example, take a photo or write ten things that you love about yourself.

4. Shine

It sends prompt messages that are aimed at making one confident. It gives referral codes that can be implemented while inviting a friend to try the app.

5. Smiling Mind

It provides mindfulness meditation, especially if you are feeling down; it keeps your mind smiling.

6. Louise Hay Affirmation Meditations.

You can listen to Lucy’s messages from Louise Hay whenever you require some motivation to keep you pushing during the day.

7. Be mindful

Signing up for this app is free. There is a list of many affirmations that one can choose from. It also gives you a chance to create your claim.

8. Instar Affirmation Writer

This app is mainly for individuals whose concentration is on writing and taking charge of their affirmations instead of ones already installed in the app. You can place your schedule where you get reminders and alerts.

9. Grateful

This app allows you to focus and think about positive things and experiences slowly.

10. Happify

Just as the name suggests, it brightens someone’s day.

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