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A look at Orient Aeroseries range of premium fans

You might have already heard of the Orient Aero Series range of premium fans that deliver an impressive air delivery while operating silently. So, what makes these fans different from the rest in the premium fans category. Orient Electric’s new age Aero Series fans are inspired by the Aerofoil design and winglet technology employed in modern aircraft. The winglet technology reduces the air cutting noise, plus it enables the fan to deliver an amazing air delivery of 300 CMM.

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Moreover, the fan blades are made of high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS, which ensures durability. Also, the blades are bend-proof and rust-proof, which makes them super easy to clean. If that all were not enough, these fans would flaunt a seamless design and gloss premium PU finish with the fan, which offers a premium touch.

Importance of silence

Since we live in an environment which is filled with noise pollution and this is something that is causing us serious health issues. At the same time, the noise of a fan might not lead to serious health complications. Why settle for less when we have the silent fans from Orient Electric. After all, silence is premium in today’s hectic environment.

Good Sleep is important:

Sleep is one of the fundamental keys to having a healthy life. Hence it is necessary to have a good sleep. If you are irritated by unavoidable sounds like that of a regular fan, it makes sense to invest in one of the aerodynamically designed fans in the Orient Aero series range.

Top Features of Orient Electric’s Aero Series fans:


Orient Aero Series fans are designed using aeronautical concepts, as a result of which they provide increased airflow along with a significant reduction in the air cutting sound. The noise reduction has been even certified by Intertek China, a renowned global certification firm. Compared to the other fans in the market, these fans only used the housing motor and did not use any flange. Something that most of the typical fans in the market do. This also helps the fans to eliminate the void between the blades of the fan and motor.


Orient Aero Series fans are simply stunning to look at. The design of these fans quite futuristic, unlike that of the conventional fans available in the market. These fans have a high gloss premium PU finish, which makes them a real eye-catcher.


In the talking about the pricing of the Orient Electric’s Aero Series fans. The pricing of this series of fans starts at a price of Rs.4000 for the base variant. There are five fans in this series in different styles and finishes. You can check out Orient Electric’s official website to find the one that suits your style and room décor.

Summing Up

The bottom line of the story is that Orient Electric’s Aero Series fans are mighty. Plus, they are reticent, which makes them meaningfully different from the rest.

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