6 Tips to Make Your Body Jewelry Last for Long

The people who get body piercings are amazing. They are brave enough to handle some pain to stand out from the crowd. But the best thing about them is their dedication to their love of body jewelry. They take care of it like a baby, and why not? These body jewelry pieces are fragile, and without maintenance, they don’t last long.

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Some of the jewelry also doesn’t come cheap, so you also have a monetary reason to care for them. So here are some super helpful body jewelry maintenance tips that will help you keep your body jewelry for a long time –

Know About the Materials

The first step to knowing about body jewelry maintenance is to know what kind of jewelry you have. The maintenance techniques of gold jewelry cannot be used for a silver piece. Similarly, the cleaning solution used for gold will not work well for acrylic or glass stuff.

It would help to familiarize yourself with the jewelry material types and the specifics of cleaning them. You can contact a body jewelry shop or your piercer to know more about it.

Take care of the Dangles.

Most high-quality jewelry is made of surgical-grade, tarnish-proof stainless steel. This is great as it is safe and easy to maintain material. In some pieces, like belly rings or tragus rings, there are dangles attached. Unless you are paying top dollar for it, the dangles on these pieces are not made of Stainless steel.

They may tarnish due to oils from your skin. These faux pieces can be easily cleaned with toothpaste. After the toothpaste, wash the work with an antibacterial soap before using it again.

Keep them Separate

If you don’t like scratches or marks on your jewelry, keep all your pieces separate. It would help if you got small jewelry boxes, but ensure the package is cleaned properly before using it. Any dirt can also damage the softer jewelry.

Silver Is Soft

Silver pieces scratch way too easily. It would help to get yourself a silver polish and a soft cotton cloth to rub them. For hard-to-clean, small parts, you should use a baby toothbrush or a small Q-tip.

Make sure you dry them properly after washing them. And don’t forget to avoid bleach, ammonia, acetone, alcohol, or turpentine when dealing with faux silver jewelry.

For Gold

Gold is slightly easier to manage than other materials. You can use gentle soap and water for basic cleaning. Don’t immerse gold body jewelry with gemstones in water. It will loosen the adhesive of the rocks.

Use Some Common Sense

You can use the best chemicals to clean your jewelry, but not using common sense while wearing will deteriorate them. If you are playing sports or in the gym, it is best to avoid dangling pieces or slightly oversized ones.

When you are in an area with lots of dust or dirt, it is best to avoid body jewelry. The ground can lead to tarnishing or even bacteria build-up.

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