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How Technology is Shaping the Firearms Industry

Technology is a disruptor in many industries – and the firearm industry is no different. With new technological advancements every day, technology is shaping the future of firearms. Moving forward, guns can now be more secure and safer to use.

Smart Sensors

There are now smart sensors that are definitely an interesting development for gun owners. They allow you to monitor your gun, no matter how you store it. The smart sensor can let the owner know if the storage space where the gun is kept has been accessed. It uses motion sensors and cellular-based light to detect this – so you will know straight away if it is in anyone else’s reach.

3D Printing

There is now the possibility of guns being printed in 3D. The technology for 3D printing has grown rapidly in the last few years, and there is now a company called Solid Concepts based in Texas that has tried to create a firearm using a 3D printer. They did, in fact, manage to create this and put it together – and found that, in fact, it’s more durable in 3D.

Modular Designs

If something can be personalized, it automatically is more attractive to the consumer – and that’s the case with guns. Examples can be with the likes of SCAR (The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle). This can serve the function as a Close Quarters Battle rifle, but if you make a few adjustments such as swapping the barrel and adding a few attachments, it can have a Designated Marksman’s functionality Rifle. Even adjustments can be made to pistols, such as adding lasers, flashlights, and interchangeable optics to create an individual firearm.

NSSF: Firearms Industry Partners with ATF for Safer Communit - Game & Fish

Gun Holsters

Although gun holsters themselves aren’t new – the designs are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. You can now get gun holsters that will accommodate guns and lasers from the more modular designs, and you will find that they can now conceal guns better than ever. Check here for some leather holsters for sale.


Modern technology is allowing for more sophisticated composite tests to be completed. This means that we can look at how to make a firearm lighter, handle all kinds of temperatures – and be more durable in general. There have been such advancements – that scientists can now look into ways to disperse the shock reaction when firing a firearm through the weapon as opposed to the user. We are now closer than ever to find a way to produce a weapon that is completely made of plastic. Polymers that can handle pressure and heat will be available in the market soon.

more sophisticated guns and more safe and secure for the user. The last thing you want is for a firearm to be in the wrong hands.

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