10 Facts about Charlize Theron That Hardly Anyone Knows

Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress known for her roles in the movies, Monster (2004), A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014), and Hancock (2008. Fans worldwide love her, and her career has spanned over two decades. She has won several awards, including an Oscar for her role in the movie Monster and an Academy Award for the same position. She has also had significant roles in recent films such as The Fate of the Furious, Huntsman-The Winters War, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Atomic Blonde.

Charlize Theron goes topless to sell perfume

This article will give you some interesting facts about Charlize Theron that few people know. For die-hard fans of Charlize, some of these might be shocking facts. You might know about her roles in movies and television. However, how much do you know her? Let us go ahead and find out.

1. Her First Language Is Afrikaans

You may have encountered a language called Afrikaans for those who know something about South Africa. It is a dialect of the Dutch language, and it is spoken by the Boers of South Africa, who were early European immigrants to South Africa. Although Charlize speaks fluent English, her first language is Afrikaans.

2. She Had A Tough Childhood

Here is an interesting childhood fact about her. Theron’s father was a drunkard who would beat her mother when he was drunk. One day her mother shot and killed him in self-defense when he attacked her. Her mother was not charged with murder as it was decided that it was all in self-defense.

3. She Is A Very Good Dancer

Her dancing scenes in A Million Ways to Die in the West amazed everyone. People do not know that Charlize is a trained ballet dancer. She trained as a ballet dancer at Joffrey Ballet School, but a knee injury ended her dancing career. She used to dance in her teens and even considered herself a dancer. Her acting career came later on when she moved to New York. Her dance performance at the Oscars alongside male actor Channing Tatum impressed the global audience back in 2013.

4. She Started As A Model

It is not surprising that Charlize modeled in her teens. Her good body shape and beauty would easily have been a model for her entire life. In 1991, shortly after her father’s death, her mother entered her into a modeling competition, which she won, and she was given a yearlong contract to go and model in Italy by a scout. She modeled out through Europe for an entire year before moving to New York to attend dance school with her mother.

John Crosby scouted 5.She

After her dancing career ended due to an unfortunate injury, Charlize decided to act and buy a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. Her big break happened when she was at the bank trying to cash her mother had sent her. She comforted the teller for allegedly frustrating her, and her antics drew the attention of John Crosby, who offered her his business card and eventually guided her to Hollywood.

6. She Once Got Into A Catfight

In her first major role in Two Days in the Valley, Charlize got into a catfight with Teri Hatcher. It was an on-film fighting scene, but Charlize went against the script and punched Hatcher. She described herself as an animal in an interview she did last year and admitted that she was very sorry for her behavior.

7. She Failed In An Audition For Showgirl

Charlize auditioned but failed to land the lead role in the 1995 movie titled Showgirl. The part later went to Elizabeth Berkley. The movie was about a Las Vegas stripper’s rise and fall, and it failed both critically and commercially. Charlize admitted that her failure to land the role was a blessing in disguise, as it would have killed her career. She was right, after all. Look at how things turned out for her.

8. Will Smith Punched Her In The Face

Will Smith once punched Charlize Theron in the face? I know what you are thinking. Will Smith is a real jerk. It is not that. It was purely an accident. The two worked on a movie titled The Legend of Bagger Vance, and Smith demonstrated his boxing skills when he accidentally landed a punch on Charlize Theron.

9. She Will Marry When Gay Marriages Are Legalized

In 2011, Charlize declared herself a forever-unmarried woman until gay marriages were legally accepted all over American states. She says love is love, and everyone should be entitled to love rights. This is only one of the reasons she does not want to get married. She claims that marriages are a tough thing to do after watching her parent’s relationships often tumble.

10. She Is An Advocate For Many Welfare Courses

Despite all the fame and wealth, Charlize has a very kind heart, and she cares about common people. She is involved in several worthy causes, including PETA and the Rape crisis, and is a UN Messenger of peace for violence against women and children. She even participated in a drive to help stop rape in South Africa, but her advert was pulled down with claims that it stereotyped all South African men as rapists.

11. She Used To Smoke

She was a chronic smoker when she was younger but quit after undergoing hypnotherapy. She said that she later recognized the harm smoking could cause and did not want to suffer those consequences.

12. She Is A Biker

Charlize Theron loves motorbikes. She owns a Harley Davidson bike, which she is always seen sometimes riding for fun. She is the perfect bad girl, isn’t she?

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