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HostGator India vs. GoDaddy: What Should You Choose?

If you are thinking about creating your website, whether it is for a product or a service – or simply because you want to blog – it is imperative to have a dedicated web host. A web host connects your website to a primary server, giving it an identity (its URL) and authenticating it on the Internet. A web host enters the picture once you’ve created a layout for your website and have decided on a domain name. The web host then enables you to upload your website files online so that people surfing the internet can access them.


There are a lot of web hosting companies claiming to provide the best services. It can be not very clear to choose one amongst a wealth of options, and that’s why I will help you sift through them! I’ve selected two of the most reputed web hosting services to compare and scrutinize – HostGator India and Godaddy.

These are the four parameters on which we will evaluate these web hosting giants:

  • 1. Performance
  • 2. Efficiency
  • 3. Response Time
  • 4. Customer Service

Let’s begin the web host battle!

HostGator is the clear winner out of the two!

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