Make Web Testing Easy With an Automatic Tool

The trend of online marketing is increasing and everyone is looking out for websites, which promote their products or services. There are many phases in developing website one of which is website testing which is mostly done by the Quality Assurance team. The main task of QA is to track bugs on the website and so goes for testing and debugging to make website error-free. It is a time and money consuming task and so to avoid such a process go for the Comparium app that makes automatic website testing and will be released soon.

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The website consists of many pages and it is very important to check out every page in a proper manner before deployment. This tool is designed in such a way that without wasting much time one can get a report on the website. The tool would be divided into a different version where users are required to pay according to the features required. It is an automatic tool that can test any number of web pages and give reports accordingly. The first version of the tool would be availed for free but other features would require the user to pay for it.

Features of the tool

  • It is very important to check for browser compatibility of the website to make sure that it runs on all browsers. Comparium comes with a browser testing option where it will check the website on the different operating systems and various versions of browsers.
  • Real-time testing is a must before deploying the website on the server and so with this tool, you can check how the website reacts on a virtual platform.
  • The tool has different scripts, which will report on different scenarios, which take place on the page. It would help to get a detailed report for webpages.
  • Comparium tool is perfect for web testing, as it will check out whether webpages are working on all operating systems and different versions of browsers.

It is very easy to get webpages tested by the tool. All you need is to submit the URL of the page along with your email address and just wait for minutes to get an email with screenshots of the page. It would make it easy for the developer to rectify bugs and correct them. This tool is like a boon to website Development Company, as it will help to check web page design and other bugs on the webpage. The developer of the tool has checked out requirements of website testing and accordingly the tool is designed.

Website testing is not an easy task as it involves different testing unit and generates reports based on it to remove bugs. A team is required to work on it, which indirectly incur costs on the company along with time. This tool is best for developers who are willing to check how created webpages react on different browsers and thus getting the report immediately would help them to make changes easily. The main aim of is to fulfill requirements and make it one of the best options for website testing. 

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