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Protect the crown! Apart from your hair being the thinnest part of the body, it’s also the first thing people notice when looking at you. Having your crown, not at its best health condition, your self-confidence gradually alleviates as people start to notice. The lack of common knowledge among people about how to combat hair problems is what this article is all about. Let’s put your bad hair days to an end!

Common Hair Problems

Here are the common problems with simple solutions on how to combat them.

Hair Loss

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Hair loss can sometimes be inevitable especially for people who experience stress, hormonal change, and undergoing medication. Hair treatments can also add up to the change of your hair growth cycle. Some treatments damage your hair making it dry and brittle causing it to fall off.


Massage your scalp for about 10 minutes as you shampoo your hair. This way, your scalp will absorb the nutrients of the shampoo. We highly suggest you switch from regular shampoo to hair loss shampoo.

After bathing and drying your hair, lather Tea Tree oil on your scalp and massage it until it is absorbed. It aids in renewing and strengthening your scalp and your hair. It would be best to alleviate the use of heat products.

An option you can consider for the time being is to use hair extensions to conceal the spots.

You don’t have to worry about the chemicals used in adhesives. There are hair extensions in the market which do not require the use of adhesives, such as the clip-in and micro-ring<do-follow>.

Flaky Scalp

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A variety of factors can cause flaky scalp or dandruff. These can include hair infection, poor nutrition, and not taking care of your hair. As these white flakes attack your scalp, it dries up and infects your hair from the roots down.


After consulting your doctor about your hair condition, improve your hair routine and change your hair products. Prior to taking a bath, massage your scalp for 15 minutes at the most. This is to help get rid of the flakes as you wash your hair. An anti-dandruff shampoo is highly recommended to target the main concern, dandruff.

Greasy Hair

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Remember the oily texture when you finger-comb your hair? The greasy feeling is caused by a dirty scalp. When your scalp is dirty, it produces excessive natural oil known as sebum. At some cases, greasy hair is also the effect of over-treating your hair with strong hair products.


The best way to combat greasy hair is to switch from regular shampoo to a shampoo specially formulated in treating sebum. To control the production of excessive oil, we suggest you use shampoo every other day. This is to reduce the pressure and stress on your scalp.

Dry Hair

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Does your hair have too much volume making it look frizzy? Dry hair is caused by washing your hair too often. Strong hair treatments also cause your hair to dry for it reduces the natural oil produced by your scalp. Over-washing your hair strips away the natural nutrients of your hair.


Reduce washing your hair to three to four days a week. This is to stimulate your oil glands together with a mild shampoo with a pH level between 5 and 6. In addition to that, take time to condition your hair from roots down to combat hair dryness.

Split Ends

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The problem may sound small but split ends are one of the causes of a bad hair day. Split ends are caused by over-brushing, over-combing or over-treating your hair with heat products. When hair is not well-conditioned, the ends of your hair will start to brittle.


Have the ends of your hair trimmed off at least one to two inches enough to remove the splits. Right after, condition your hair well from roots down. It would be best to alleviate heat products causing hair damage and adjust combing to a minimum.

Tips and Tricks to Improve the Health Condition of Hair

After identifying your hair condition, here are tips and tricks to improve the health condition of your hair. Our objective is to provide you options apart from hair treatments you can buy in stores and online. These remedies will just require ingredients within your home. Are you ready to have your hair go back to the way it was?

Aloe Vera

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An effective home remedy in combating hair conditions is the use of aloe vera. It plays a significant role in keeping the pH levels of your hair and scalp balanced. Remove the pulp content from the leaf then lather it on your hair. Massage for five to ten minutes then rinse it with cold water after.

Onion Juice

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The antibacterial properties of onion are what makes it perfect for treating hair infections. It has the ability to promote hair growth for it enhances the circulation of blood to the hair follicles. All you need to do is to grate the onions and juice it. Mix it with honey to reduce the odor. Lather it on your hair with a cotton ball and massage the roots. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse with cold water right after.

Coconut Milk

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Coconut milk is enriched with essential fats and protein which prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. Simmer the grated coconut milk for three to five minutes. Massage on your scalp for ten minutes after it has cooled down.

Green Tea

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Commonly known as your morning drink, who knew green tea can help you treat your hair conditions? It alleviates cases of hair loss and improves hair growth because its content is rich in antioxidants. Pour and massage two to three bags of green tea soaked in a cup of water on your hair for three to five minutes.


To treat your hair in the most effective and economical way is by considering home remedies. More than just branded hair products, natural options such as home ingredients is not too hard to try. Hair conditions are easier to deal with when you seek for natural ways apart from laboratory-formulated hair products.