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6 tips to improve your page’s CTA

You’ve probably wondered many times what the best way to guarantee new customers for your business is. You’ve also probably wondered if there’s any quick way for your business to gain new customers, preferably without you putting too much effort into it. Well, the answer is: yes and no.

As with any endeavor that is supposed to produce results, tending to your business requires – at least in the beginning – your complete and utmost attention. However, the good news is that if you rely on online marketing (and who these days don’t!?) to broaden your customer base, some things might help you kickstart your business. Of course, there are e-mail campaigns, social media ads, etc. But there is one particularly efficient method that we’re going to focus on: landing pages.


What are landing pages? In short, they are target-oriented websites that are supposed to sell a particular service or product. Remember those free e-books you downloaded for free several times last year? Well, this was the result of you visiting several landing pages, and you downloading free e-books was a reaction to the so-called “call-to-action,” or CTA. What is a CTA? In short: you visit a page that is advertising a product or service. You are provided with enough information about the product/service to spark your interest, but you’d like to know more. And at this very moment, a CTA appears, offering you a discount, a free e-book, or some other profits. And how could you not grab such an occasion? And that’s how you become a customer.

One of the most important – if not the most important – terms related to landing pages is conversion rate. What is the conversion rate? The simplest answer is: it’s the percentage of people visiting your page that click the before mentioned CTA and become your prospective customers. The higher the rate, the better for your business.

So, how to convince people to become your customers? In other words, how to make sure your landing page converts? A comprehensive, step-by-step guide can be found at

Here, we will focus on one of the most important – if not the most important – elements of a landing page, the Call-to-Action (CTA). As we’ve already mentioned, to make your landing page sell a product or service, your prospective clients need to act. The list of actions includes: buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, contacting you via phone, etc. To achieve this, you need your CTA to meet several conditions:

1. Don’t make them guess. No one is going to “push the button” if you put something like “subscribe” or “send” on it. Be straightforward. Offering a discount on your service for landing page visitors? Say it.

2. Deliver. If you promise a discount and offer a free e-book instead, then you’re not trustworthy. Don’t do that; news travels fast.

3. Let it breathe. One word: whitespace. Aside from making your button stand out visually (i.e., with color, size, etc.), give it some whitespace, so it further stands out.

4. Don’t shout! Using aggressive, pompous words, together with exclamation marks, will make people think that you’re not doing as well as you claim to.

5. Don’t let it disappear. Don’t allow your prospective client to lose track of your CTA; put it above the fold, repeat it throughout the page (if it’s long) so that people have an incentive to act, regardless of their position on the page.

6. Occam’s razor. This well-known principle says, in short, that the less complex the solution, the more likely it is to succeed. It works the same way here; the fewer options you provide, the more likely your prospective client. It is going to do what you want them to. Drop excessive navigation, different offers, etc., in favor of a CTA that stands out and immediately draws attention.

Following the above will let you create a more effective landing page. There are, of course, probably hundreds of different tips you could use to improve your conversion rates, but as mentioned before: the simpler, the better. People prefer to keep it simple (hence “one picture is worth a thousand words), so if you cater to their needs, you should see a significant increase in your conversion rates.

As with every aspect of running a business, you should carefully choose strategies that best fit your purposes. Generally, all of the above tips apply, but remember to tailor them according to your specific goals.

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