Why online coaching is better than classroom coaching for the UPSC exam?

Nowadays, online coaching for the Civil Services exam is becoming more popular than the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi, the so-called mecca of UPSC preparation. One of the most beneficial online coaching traits for the UPSC exam is that it brings the exam preparation within reach of all.

Online IAS coaching offers some of the advantages found missing when a student joins the regular classroom coaching. Some of these are described below.

With online coaching you become the best version of yourself in a very  flexible way

1.Economically viable: The classroom coaching institutions usually charge huge amounts of the fee if you think of getting enrolled in one to prepare for the UPSC exam. In sharp contrast with this, the online coaching for the same charges an amount, which is not heavy on most UPSC candidates’ pockets.

A note of caution: Don’t enroll in any online IAS coaching just because they are cheaper. Enquire their credential and ask for some sample video lectures. It will be much better if your online coaching provider runs IAS Coaching in Delhi, and the video lectures are from classroom recording. It shows that the coaching is reputed and accepted, trusted by students. Never join any coaching that creates video lectures only for online students. Most of the teachers found here are of secondary category, and candidates may get misguided instead of real guidance.

  1. Allows all to prepare for the UPSC exam despite the varying circumstances: Many find it impossible to give up their regular jobs to attend the regular classroom sessions in a traditional coaching institution. Some cannot do the same because they find it difficult to travel to and back home from the regular classroom coaching institutions for various reasons. Moreover, many are not allowed to leave their hometowns and rush to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC exam by attending a coaching institute. Apart from the hefty fee, they must pay for their accommodation, food, and many other expenses.

And that is not all; many UPSC aspirants, who despite having been living in Delhi, cannot even think of joining a regular coaching institution. The undergraduates required to attend their regular classes in a college usually find joining the regular coaching institution quite inconvenient.

The time for the classes at the regular classroom coaching institutions may clash with their college classes. Also, an Indian housewife usually has to fulfill the obligation to attend to her household chores first. And it is the online coaching to prepare for the UPSC exam that takes care of all these problems for the sake of a number of the UPSC candidates and allows them to prepare for the IAS exam despite the varying circumstances.

  1. Online coaching offers the same classroom experience as regular classroom coaching: Several well-reputed online coaching institutions offer video interactive classroom sessions to their students. As a result, if the online coaching institution offers regular classroom coaching, the students are likely to gain the same classroom experience as is gained in regular classroom coaching.
  2. Better assimilation of current affairs’ knowledge: The online classes for IAS provide the students with a remarkably efficient platform that provides them with knowledge of the current affairs that keeps getting updated as the classes continue further. It is at par with the regular classroom coaching sessions.
  3. An interestingly delightful experience for all who prefer self-study: While preparing for the UPSC exam online, the candidates find sufficient study material that proves to be an exciting experience for the candidates who have been keener self-study rather than attending classes in the regular classrooms.
  4. Online Test Series: The online test series are usually designed in a highly competent manner. They often score an edge over the test series offered by the regular classroom coaching institutions. Besides, the candidates can discuss their queries and doubts when the test series are evaluated or as required and suitable.
  5. The advantage of preparing for the exam at one’s own convenience: One of the greatest advantages offered by the online coaching for the UPSC preparation is that the aspirant can study at his own convenience, early morning, late evening hours or whenever he feels like it. It is an advantage which the students attending the regular classroom coaching sessions never get to enjoy.

However, you should always keep in mind that if you want to optimize the advantages that you receive from the online coaching to prepare for the UPSC exam, choose the one that is reputed, offers almost flawless video classes, and thoroughly well designed sectional tests. If you do so carefully, you would automatically get to discover and re-discover continuously that online coaching for the preparation of the UPSC exam is, of course, better than the regular classroom coaching for the same.

But it would help if you never forgot that the convenience of studying in the comfort of your home and at your own leisure, as allowed by online coaching, should not result in poor time management. It has been observed that online students at the beginning of the course are very enthusiastic but gradually become careless about their studies.

It would help if you disciplined yourself, keep on recalling your goal. Plan your study schedule and stick to the study format most of the time. Because there is no one to push you the study, so self-disciplined lifestyle is a requirement.

Make full use of your time and employ all the online coaching advantages. The online preparation method never lags; rather, it scores over the regular classroom coaching in several ways, as discussed above.

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