Floor Options for Home Renovations

Have you been mulling over home renovations, trying to find the right time to revamp your home, but with work, school, homework, driving between baseball practice, piano, guitar, and ballet lessons, there are never enough hours in the day?!

Since we are all under lockdown, quarantined, or socially isolated, now is the best time to start that home renovation project – there’s no time like the present! There is and has never been any time quite like the present!

They say, “An Englishman’s home is his Castle,’ and that saying is true the world over, not just in England. There’s nothing more comforting than living in a cozy, warm, and loving home, and it does not have to cost the world to do so.

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Where do you begin?

So, where do you begin? Flooring is a great start!

Get the flooring right, and everything else stems from the ground up or the floor up. Deciding on the flooring sets the direction for the rest of your home renovations.

Your taste and the ambiance you are trying to create in your home will influence your chosen flooring.

Whether your style is chic and modern, vintage and classic, Scandinavian sleek, monotone and minimalistic, or elegant and sophisticated, or you want to create that warm, cozy, family atmosphere, there is something out there for everyone when It comes to flooring options.

Once you’ve determined the personal vibe you are trying to create, remember that your home needs to be both stylish and practical simultaneously, or else it becomes a beautiful work of art, much like a museum: good to look at but not fit for much else!

Flooring Options

When it comes to flooring, we are spoiled for choices. We have hardwood, carpets, tiles, vinyl, and laminate flooring. But how do you know which flooring to use for each room?

Here are a few personal tips that I hope you will find helpful, inspired by flooring sold by Flooring Canada Simcoe.


The hallway is the entrance into the home – the first port of entry from the outside world, so you want to create a warm and welcoming vibe, but at the same time, it is also where you get a lot of foot traffic, so you want your flooring to be practical, hardwearing and durable.

From my experience, laminate flooring in the hallways can give you the warm and inviting reception that you want, and at the same time, it is easy to keep clean and can withstand the test of the tread of shoes, boots, and heels!

The great thing about laminate flooring is that you have various options that look like hardwood flooring, giving you that elegant look and inviting vibe. At the same time, it is water-resistant, easy to maintain, and durable.

As we all know, a lot of wear and tear goes on in the hallway, especially on a rainy day – picture all those muddy boots from soccer practice!

Laminate flooring wears well and is unlikely to scratch or dent. It’s also easier to clean and keep clean – ideal for active and busy households in Simcoe and Norfolk County!

Flooring Canada Simcoe has an array of beautiful and practical laminate flooring at affordable prices, from Deer Plain Oak to Ash Grove Oak, depending on your taste.

I like the Clover Bottom Oak because it looks like real oak, and its varied wood-tone hues give it that fresh, clean look – ideal for that modern and trendy appeal!

Living or Sitting Room

This is the room where most people don’t compromise on style or comfort.

It’s your safe-haven – the place you want to be warm and comfy after a long stressful workday – feet up with a glass of wine!

It’s where you welcome guests and entertain, so you want it to have a look – that may mean different things to different people!

I would opt for plush pile carpets for a warm, cozy feeling, soft and smooth to walk barefoot!

Flooring Canada Simcoe also has various carpets in various colors, which are luxurious to the touch, soft, stain-resistant, and durable at affordable prices.

They are also easy to vacuum and keep clean, ideal if there’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing! My choice of carpet for a living or sitting room would have to be the Lapsus 12′ in a burgundy red color because its elegant beauty and stylish look are bound to make a striking first impression. Besides, it wears well and is durable!

If you are more of a modern-contemporary-look kind of person, then wooden flooring is another viable option.

It’s practical, especially if you have an active family, and are versatile, so you can create any ambiance you want. I like a fresh, clean look and recommend Villa Ridge Oak’s hard floor for those with similar tastes.

Its light, matte finish helps to brighten up a living room – ideal for that minimalistic look!

Home RenovationsDining and Kitchen Area

Dingley hardwood flooring is ideal for that bright, fresh, and natural look for open-plan kitchen-dining rooms. This hardwood flooring gives the impression of more space and compliments rooms designed to let in more light.

For a rustic, rugged, and natural farmhouse look, Lanes Prairie Pine is practical, has character, and is pet and kid-proof. It can be used in other rooms for a one-tone effect throughout the house due to its natural appeal.

Vinyl flooring in kitchens can help create that old-fashioned stone floor look without creating that cold, hard vibe. My favorite luxury vinyl, which Flooring Canada Simcoe stocks, has to be Royal Travertine. Apart from its modern, elegant look, it’s water, stain-resistant, and hardwearing.

Home RenovationsBathroom

For style and beauty, tile flooring gives you a wide range of choices, whatever your preference.

Tiles are durable and ideal for high moisture environments like the bathroom and around your toilet and come in ceramic and porcelain. My favorite is the Brixton Field Tile, which is affordable, durable, easy to keep clean, and candy to the eye for that fresh, clean look – who likes a stuffy, dark bathroom in their Simcoe home? Certainly not me?!

For a more child-friendly bathroom, laminate flooring or luxurious vinyl can also provide the same ambiance as tiles, most of which are moisture-resistant.


I love the look that laminates or wooden flooring gives a house, but when it comes to a bedroom, nothing is as comforting as feeling your feet drown into a luxurious, deep pile of carpet! Ideal for bedrooms where shoes are off-limits!

Flooring Canada Simcoe has various textures and carpets, but the one that ticks all the boxes for me is the Panoramic Plus.

This carpet comes in different colors, but the comfort and feel of the rug under your feet tickles my fancy; its deep-pile, soft, and gentle texture makes you feel as if your feet are being tenderly and lovingly massaged!

Whatever flooring you select, I hope I’ve provided some useful tips to set you off in the right direction. Let your creative juices run wild as you create the ambiance of your choice – sleek and stylish, modern and minimalistic, chic and contemporary, or classic and timeless – whatever your flavor, the flooring world is your oyster! There truly is no limit!

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