Effective Care Tips for Your Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are a perfect example of elegance, beauty, and durability – all in one. They offer a warm and inviting look, greatly influencing the interiors’ overall look and design. They not only add comfort to your home but also boost the resale value of your property.


Hardwood is one of those timeless flooring types that can last decades if you look after it properly. Though these floors are designed to withstand heavy traffic and hardware, you still have to take precautionary measures to protect them from all sorts of damage and keep them in a new condition for years to come.

While you contemplate the ways to maintain the wooden floor in your house, here are some easy and yet very effective methods of doing so:

Routine Cleaning

  • Cleaning your hardwood floors is the key to protecting and maintaining your floor’s appearance. You can do that easily by developing a habit of dusting your floor daily with a microfiber cloth. Of course, you can sweep with a broom, but microfiber mop pads would more effectively trap the dirt, dust particles, pet hair, and other allergens.
  • After that, use a vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment. You can choose to vacuum daily or weekly – depending on your home’s footfall. However, be cautious when moving the vacuum from one place to another, as its wheels can scratch the floor’s finish if you are not careful.
  • Once done, go ahead with damp-mopping with a chemical-free cleaner. Don’t use plain water. Instead, mist the mop head with a minimum amount of cleaner and clean the floor. Also, read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully so as to avoid damaging your precious floor.

Regular Maintenance

  • Most hardwood floors have polyurethane surface finishes to seal and protect the wood underneath and give it a glossy appearance. But, the daily wear and tear leaves behind abrasions and makes the surface look dull. That is why experts recommend polishing every two to three months with a buffing pad to restore the flooring condition.
  • For the floors with a polyurethane surface finish, you must reapply the coat every three to five years (depending on the amount of foot traffic) to bring back the lost shine. If there are deep scratches, gouges, or discoloration present, you would be required to sand it first and then refinish it. Consider contacting a professional to do this task.
  • Also, put protective rugs and mats on the wood floors to cut down the dirt and debris. Place them inside and outside your doors and in other high-traffic areas of your house. Be sure you use the ones specifically made for hardwood floors and shake them often to prevent dust build-up.
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