Three ‘Girly’ Things Men Should Do More Often To Enjoy More Comfortable Lives!

Men sometimes put themselves under too much pressure in the name of looking ‘masculine.’ As we move towards an equal society where a lot of focus is placed on not forcing gender roles on women and young girls, men should feel freer to do what makes them feel good without fear of not conforming to expectations from generations past. This is something we do see happening more and more. For instance, there are now far more personal grooming products aimed at helping men look and feel good, and male fashion has, over time, become a more important industry.

But, there are still many things that seem like something only women are comfortable doing on the whole, and these could be things that would make life much more comfortable for men if they gave them a chance, too! Mantastic Pursuits has a great article on the things men can learn from women about leading more keep your skin in good condition, and unwind. This also happened in Friends – perhaps there is a theme here?

Choosing The Salad

Sometimes, men feel like it looks a bit feminine to choose a lighter option when eating out, but let’s face it, women aren’t the only ones who should be concerned with nutrition. If you fancy the steamed salmon and green vegetables or garden salad, don’t order the rack of ribs or the monster burger just because you are worried about what people think! The same goes for drinks – if you want white wine or a pink fruity cocktail rather than a beer, go for it – you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself!

Men really could benefit from caring less about outdated ideas of masculinity and being more confident about doing what actually makes them feel good. Confidence is far more attractive than machismo, anyway!

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