3 Smart Ways to Remove a Computer Virus

Computers have become a basic need of human in today’s generation and a lot of people who are doing different jobs, depend a lot on computers. From people in business to employees and from students to teachers everyone is using computers and everyone has made it an important part of their life. It is critical for computer users that its performance stays up to the mark. And to make sure of that performance, most people take a good care of their computers. But you can’t protect your computers from viruses and malware all the time. Computer viruses are very annoying, and no one welcomes it. Viruses are an evil production, and if they were attacking your computer, they would ruin everything. They can cause different problems for you like they can erase your data, corrupt your files or they steal information from your device. So it is very important that if your computer gets attacked by some virus, you should get it cleaned.



There are few ways in which you can remove viruses from your computer. By using these means, you can delete viruses from your PC and you can make it safe again. You can’t just get rid of these viruses through those PC cleaning internet ads.

Here below are few ways in which you can remove viruses from your personal computers.

scanning tools and products available out there for your computer. You can use them to scan your computer for viruses and then you can remove them with the help of it.

When you scan with different tools, you will see that when you clean your computer with one software and run a check again on the next one, you will observe that they will show more viruses. So you can use multiple software to remove all those viruses and malware with a scan.

One of the best ways of using scan method is to use it in the safe mode of your PC. You can enter into the safe mode and can scan with various software. This will help you remove a lot more viruses and will not harm your computer as well. The scanning might be a time taking process, and it is technical as well. But it does kill most of the viruses and is an excellent way to remove them.

Rescue disks are a real rescue when the viruses attack your computer. We discussed that you could scan your PC in safe mode method for better results, but you can also scan it even before your computer boots the windows. To save your computer from viruses using rescue disks, you will have to download an ISO file on another computer. You can download those iso files from any company like Kaspersky or Microsoft, and then you can burn those files to a disk. Now you will put the burned cd into your computer, and instead of booting windows you will boot the anti-virus software. This method is effective because when you scan, the Windows will be off and the virus would not be running, and it would be easier to deal with it.

There are many rescue disks available out there like Microsoft online windows defended, and you can use them to clean your computer from viruses.

USB virus cleaner is now the most modern and most effective way of getting rid of dangerous malware and viruses. USB virus cleaners are hardware devices that help you kill computer virus by just connecting the pen drive. There are many USB virus cleaners out there, but one of the most useful and effective USB virus cleaners are “Fix Me Stick”.

Fix Me Stick is an excellent USB virus cleaner which has a lot of advantages and kills many kinds of viruses on the computer. The device works by connecting it to the computer and it will turn it off, and the device will start working while your computer is offline. It will then download latest updates and will scan the whole computer and once it is done your computer will be ready to use and all the viruses would be gone.

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