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Creepy and Weird Deep Web Stories

The internet we use and access is just a portion of what exists. There is another side to the web that most of us don’t even know about. This is known as the deep web, which search engines cannot access. These sites are deeply linked to each other, and only people with considerable knowledge about accessing the dark web can view them. However, some chilling, creepy, and weird deep web stories might terrify people. Let’s look at some of the most infamous ones.

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Child Abuse

Child abuse is one of the world’s major concerns, and you will find various disturbing deep web stories about child abuse on the deep web, which include torture, sexual assaults, and many horrifying things done to innocent children. A user saw a site that lists videos and pictures of child abuse in the worst possible manner.

Official live streams conduct sessions on public demand on what assaults shall be performed on children. Many pedophiles indulge in such heinous acts of crime. Since all the users’ identity on the deep web is masked if they use proper precautions, people don’t fear posting illegal things.

Pictures of Dead Girls

If you thought this couldn’t get any worse, some sites upload pictures of dead girls in various circumstances. A huge database of such images can be found on such a site, which a user mentioned in a Reddit topic. This site, which the user talks about, has views of deceased girls from 5 to 16. Not meant to be seen by the faint-hearted! There are similar sites that kill people and showcase them in pictures, which is more terrible.

Many people reportedly had deep psychological impacts after visiting the site and seeing the pictures. Some areas were also traced and brought down, but unfortunately, such places still exist and keep uploading photographs frequently. This is one of the deep web stories that might horrify you.

Pink Meth Site

Pink Meth was one of the creepiest sites on the deep web. It was finally brought down by the legal actions of a girl who was a victim of this site. The website was meant for people seeking revenge for their ex-girlfriends. The site lets people upload nude pictures of their ex-girlfriends and display them to the world. This led to the humiliation of the girls and invaded their modesty, which was illegal.

In one such incident, a girl decided to take action, and legal counselors to help her out. All her private pictures were uploaded on the site, and she asked the place to be taken down for the betterment of people. She succeeded in her approach and closed the area with her resilience and courage. However, many similar sites continue to exist on the deep web, and you may hear some deep web stories like this soon.

Torture Streams

This is among the worst things that happens in the deep web. Live streams are running across the deep web, which asks people for the assaults or tortures they want to see, and such things are then performed on them. One story narrated by an individual had a girl seated in a chair, and a chat option was enabled. People could comment on what they would like to see, and all those terrible actions were performed on her. The girl’s eyes were gouged, and then she was killed.

Some deep web stories say that such torture streams also seem to connect with ISIS, known to perform such heinous crimes. Some of the streams are also popularly called Red Rooms, which showcase horrifying streams of torture incidents done to people. Many claim to have visited such sites and could not bear what was shown in the streams.

Silk Road

Most people have read or heard about the Silk Road, which became infamous after its founder was arrested and the site was closed down. It was one of the biggest online black markets that sold illegal drugs to people who sought them. All the sellers had to purchase accounts that were auctioned at high prices. After that, these seller accounts were sold for a certain amount.

Its notorious founder, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested recently and imprisoned for life without any chance of parole. There were various charges against him which were proven, and he was convicted. Until the website was functional, it dealt with banned substances and illegal drugs, which received a huge response from people worldwide.

Experiments on Humans

We all have heard about the experiments performed on animals for medical purposes, but experiments conducted on humans are certainly unheard of. On the deep web, people have seen various sites known to perform experiments on human beings. All kinds of weird experiments are listed on the websites and performed by admins or people working for those sites.

The most popular site on the deep web is called ‘The Human Experiment.’ True to its name, such horrible experiments are listed on the site that will make you cringe. They have warehouses all over the world where they perform such experiments. Some of the worst things listed on the site include injecting bleach into pregnant women, making people starve for prolonged periods, sterilization, and radiation exposure. You may hear many deep web stories like this.

The Last Words

These are some of the most horrific deep web stories you might have encountered. Some feel too creepy to be believable, but these stories are narrated by people who have explored the deep web. There are more chilling experiences by people who have gone into the dark web, a layer below the deep web. If you ever try to stroll into the deep web, stay safe and avoid indulging in anything indecent.

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