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How To Get A Podcast Sponsored

With the arrival of the World Wide Web, more and more people are using web-based platforms to shop, trade, and spread their views and thoughts. While many options exist to promote your views and reach your audience, podcasting has become the most prominent means to get to your targeted audience. As such, many people are looking for ways to monetize podcasting. If you want to know how to get a podcast sponsored, look at the tips and advice.

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Write An Enticing Podcast Listing Description

Try to include important points in the description. When writing a description, think about what the advertiser would like to hear. Make sure to list any key benefits on why advertisers should sponsor you. This includes information on whether you are featured in iTunes, any awards you have received, and the names of sponsors you have worked with.

You may also want to mention your podcast’s popularity in terms of a growing audience, the number of years of your podcasting experience, and what you are willing to do to ensure that the sponsors will have a successful experience. Sponsors love this information and tend to trust you. So be sure you incorporate all these details in your description.

Ensure That The Artwork Of Your Podcast Is Up To Snuff

In case your podcast artwork is blurry, pixilated, distorted, or unprofessional, sponsors will not respond to your listing. So make certain that your podcast artwork is crisp and professionally designed. You can outsource the artwork of your podcast to others for a better appearance. As well as saving time on art designing, you will get a much better-looking artwork for your intended podcast.

Include Additional Mentions

When you are starting, likely, you may not have a lot of show listeners. To overcome this, you will have to provide more exposure by tapping your website traffic and social media channels’ potency. Promote the extra mentions on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, newsletter, and other places where you think you have an active audience. Be sure to list all these extras in your packages.

Create A Test Of 1 To 3 Episode Ad Packages

Sponsors would want to test different podcasts to determine how well each podcast performs before committing to your larger ad package. Make an ad package that initially consists of 1-3 episodes. If the advertisers find an ROI (return on investment) from your starter, they will surely order a large ad package from you. So invest some time to make an ad package that includes the best starting podcast episodes. Though you will need to dedicate some time to this part, you will reap the monetary benefits of your hard work overtime.

Correctly Sort The Order Of Ad Packages

Wrongly sorted ad packages will only deter the sponsors. When you are listing your packages, be sure you start with the lowest episodes package first. If you have a package with one single episode, use this as package one. If you are adding a back catalog package, make sure to list this as your last package. Following is a good example of the package order.

  • Package one: single episode
  • Package two: multiple episodes (say three episodes)
  • Package three: half-season (20 episodes)
  • Package four: back catalog

Price The Ad Package At A Lower CPM Rate

Don’t expect to get rich quickly with your podcast sponsorship. You ought to wait for some time to reap the real benefits of sponsorship through your podcast shows. Pricing your ad packages at a lower CPM rate is advisable when you are new to podcast advertising. However, if your podcast shows have proven sales results for clients, you can demand higher CPM rates. It is best to price your packages in the modest range. Once the demand pulls up, you can increase the price.

Activate Live Reads

Most of the sponsors prefer to hear a sample of the live ad reads before they order packages. When you provide the sponsors with a free personalized ad read, they are more likely to become your customers. Make certain that you turn on this feature in your listing area.

Include A Sample Ad Read In The Media Section

Sponsors like to hear your voice and listen to a sample ad read. It is suggested to use one of your three media links for a sample ad read. If you don’t have a sample ad read, you can seek the help of a professional. Through the help of a professional, a well-made sample ad is likely to persuade your sponsors to become your prospect.

Be Quick When An Advertiser Contacts You

It is likely possible that some advertisers may contact you promptly for sponsoring your podcast. When a sponsor messages you, make sure you reply quickly. Sponsors are always out of time for delayed responses. If you lag in replying, you are sure to lose them. So be sure you respond quickly and give a detailed reply that will please the sponsors.

Spread The Word

Do not hesitate to tell your audience that you are hunting for podcast sponsorship. In fact, your audience will love to help you with sponsors. It may be the case that some of your viewers may recommend you reliable and good sponsors for your podcast. However, do not talk about sponsorship at the start of the show. A 15-second billboard mentioned at the end of the podcast will go a long way in driving sponsors through audience recommendation.

Closing Words

Finding sponsors for podcasts might be a tricky task. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to get sponsorship for podcasting. However, with the right information by your side, you can ease this chore and minimize your legwork. Just check the above advice on how to get a podcast sponsored, and you could be on the right track to monetizing your podcast shows through remunerative sponsorship.

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