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Children GPS Tracking at School: Parents’ or School Administration’s Responsibility

What is responsibility? Who is responsible for our children while they are at school? Do we have the rights to blame the school if something happened to a child? The answer is yes and no. Parents and the school administration are on the same team working on children`s well-being. A child spends maximum time in school in a year, and it is like the second home for them. The school is equally responsible for the safety of each student as much as their parents are.

Time Location Tracker For Kids

A school needs to be a safe environment where the child’s growth is not hindered due to any drawback or problem arising from the carelessness of the school faculty. They are responsible for taking necessary steps that assure you that your child is safe, secure, and unharmed from any other student, teachers, authorized and unauthorized visitors, staff, structural problems, self-inflicted harm, straying away, and many more possibilities. It is not okay to assume that they are responsible for every problem that arises due to the child’s negligence, like falling, hurting oneself while playing, eating, choking, etc., which might happen to anybody.

Children’s GPS tracking and monitoring do away with numerous problems that might arise without any prior notice by notifying the child’s whereabouts or the school bus; or showing the live feed on mobile phones, surveillance monitors, etc. Let us look into the benefits of adopting GPS in schools:

Adopting GPS systems in schools is a benefit that will reap profits for the school and the parents. The school is obviously responsible for the children’s welfare from the time they step onto the bus until they reach their individual homes again. To enhance the process, building a safe and engaging environment for the children in schools can do the following things:

  • Discuss the necessity of a GPS with the parents and describe the advantages with examples through presentations and meetings.
  • Plan a budget that can be divided and added to the school fees of the children. This addition must be notified to the parents at the beginning of the academic year. This will reduce the school’s financial stress, and parents will also be relieved about their children.
  • By signing agreements and deeds, a spare system can be installed in the house of the individual child that the parents can use to track and monitor their child when they are on a field trip or even on the school campus.
  • The parents must be made a part of the initiative and track the buses when their children board while going to school or while coming back home.
  • With both parties involved, police departments and hospital facilities must be made an active part of the system in an emergency.

It is wrong to assume that only the school is responsible for the child during school hours, which is more than the time they spend at home. Global Positioning System will change this outlook by securing better safety measures for the child by drawing parents and school administration’s attention to the important issue at hand. As this sort of network incurs substantial funding, it is better to discuss and implement security policies before and after installing the system.

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