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The Essentials of Planning a Field Trip

A field trip is one of the most exciting parts of school life. It is an amalgamation of adventure and getting to spend time together with friends while learning more about the world. As enjoyable as it is for kids, it is the parents and teachers who get a little tired because they have to constantly keep an eye on the kids and instruct them carefully on what to do and what not to.

There are a number of things to keep in mind while you plan a field trip. You need to know where to go, the date and time of departure, where exactly to rent coach buses for the trip and so much else. But as long as you keep certain things in mind, planning a field trip should be as easy as cake.

1. The Destination

While the idea of travelling without maps and roads might sound fantastic, it can spell disaster while on a field trip so you need to plan way beforehand about where exactly you want to take the kids. Since field trips are designed to be educational in nature, it is important to choose a place that can provide kids just that. It can be a famous museum, art gallery or a zoological park even, but make sure it does enough to contribute to the overall learning of the subject. Before you fully decide on the destination, make sure to call the particular place up and make sure that museum or zoo remains open while you people are visiting.

2. Booking the buses

Since you will be taking your class along with some of their parents as chaperones, you will need an appropriate bus for the tour. For the kind of trip you will be making, you can rent coach or charter buses. These buses usually have restrooms, air conditioning, and even WiFi, just in case you want to remain connected. Since there will be a lot of children, the restrooms will be of great advantage. The air conditioning will be really comforting for the long trips and the seating arrangements will be adequate for everyone.

Emergency stops

Map out the roads first, and chalk out the pit stops where you will want to take a break if need be. Someone might even fall sick or feel nauseated during the trip so chalk out a proper stop in case you or even the driver needs to take a break.

Packing all the important stuff

You should make a list of all the things you are going to need or very likely to require on the trip and you should instruct your students to do the same. Passports, torches, sleeping bags, first aid kits, identity documents, fresh set of clothes and underwear, a netted bag for the dirty clothes, neck holder, notebooks, pencils, camera (to document zoo visits), measuring equipment and wind jacket or raincoats. Pack all these in a backpack lined with a waterproof fabric- it is going to be very helpful against the rain.

Choose your tour guide beforehand

It is important that you choose a guide who will be friendly and helpful because you will be having kids with you. So brash tour guides will be an unpleasant addition.

Contact the Venue

You have to call at the venue to inform that you will be requiring some necessary amenities. Let them know how many people will be coming, sort them into groups of adults and children, specify which are the places you are most likely to visit and when approximately will you be arriving there. Also, keep your options open in regard to the venues, as some might be more affordable than the other.

Keep your emergency contacts handy, just in case something untoward happens and you feel the need to reach out for damage control. Make sure you have a back-up location ready so that if one museum remains closed, you can go visit the another one in a different city. If you follow these tips, I guarantee that you are going to enjoy a smooth and easy field trip.

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