Better Work/Life Balance for Women

How can women strive for a better work/life balance without getting worked up? Is it possible? Read on for insights.

Single women have the upper hand in their careers when they do join them. They can work extra hours and give as little time as possible to their original families.

But once they fall in love and get married, the life entirely takes a new turn. Her hubby will want her attention and would not like her to work so hard and be away from home for so long.

So what can be done? She can work two days a week overtime and let her husband know about it and that she will be available for her hubby as long as he desires on other weekdays once her regular work schedule is over. This way she can come to a compromise and keep her hubby and in-laws happy. She can even swap her overtime work with a colleague on other days if it is not possible for her to do so on the scheduled days. This way she can strive for a smooth work/life balance.

She must not only satisfy her hubby and in-laws but look after herself as well and have some free time for herself only. She can let others know about it so that nobody bothers her during those precious hours.

Soon her family burgeons as she starts giving birth to her children. She will get maternity leave from work but the question is not only that but also how she should maintain a healthy work/life balance even after rejoining work.


She can hire a nanny, or if she is older, she can admit her baby to a child care center. Options are always there but it is really up to the woman what she chooses.

She will birth more children in future. One will be school going while the other one will need a nanny or day care center. How she manages these shows how successful she is in maintaining a good work/life balance.

For instance, she can work it out with her hubby and ask him to drop in and pick up their older child from school while she takes responsibility for their little child.

How does she give time for cooking and household chores? These things also matter for a healthy work/life balance.

First of all, she can take the one-hour lunch break at noon to buy groceries and other household stuff. Or she can take short leaves from her work to carry out these duties. She can compromise with her hubby about these things and share the chores. A good and understanding hubby should be willing to cooperate.

In a similar way, they can swap cooking responsibilities on weekdays and do all the household chores, sharing them in the weekend. Meanwhile, the older child can be trained to take care of the younger one in the weekend while the woman and her man get busy with the chores.

It will be a very busy and hard time to manage and make it for the burgeoning family but it is up to the woman who masterminds everything. The more organized she is, the more things will fall together for the family. In fact, she is the pillar of the family and it is her guidance and control that is the most important.

By and by, her children will grow and they will be required to go to different schools. They will need help with homework as well. Either the woman or her hubby can shoulder the responsibility or they can hire a good home tutor.

Soon her children will become adults while she and her hubby will have to retire from work. There will be many transitions like these in the woman’s life all the time and how she can take it all as smoothly as possible proves whether she is able to cater for a good work/life balance.

Her children will leave home, work and get married. Her hubby is the one she has to rely on like the good old days. She should be able to revive the old romance in her life and make herself as interesting as possible so that her hubby enjoys her company and get bonded even more closely.

Life is really about balance and how the woman caters for it with dexterity depends on whether she is able to strive for that balance. Of course, she will not know everything initially and she will make mistakes and learn from them eventually. Her family together with her efforts and contribution can really amount to that beautiful life balance.

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