4 Things To Expect After You Give Birth

The first time you give birth, there can be much conflicting information about what to expect. You can be unsure about what will happen and whether you will be alright or not.  Sometimes, the seriousness of the unknown overwhelms women so much that they fail to enjoy childbirth’s beauty since they are focusing so much on everything that might go wrong.

However, as long as you know what to expect and anticipate what will happen to your body, you can avoid letting the worry distract you to the point that you fail to live in the moment.  Here is what you can expect after giving birth and how to handle it.

Hair Loss

One of the biggest shockers for women is that they may have hair loss following childbirth.  Many women wonder why their hair is falling out, thinking that they are alone in this problem.  However, wake up to feed regularly to keep their energy up as they grow into the new world around them.

As long as you anticipate that you will be exhausted, you will be able to deal with the challenges even more successfully.


Leaky Breasts

Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, you will find that your breasts will be leaking milk the first few weeks to months after purchase breast pads to best prepare yourself for this and avoid a mess.

Cabin Fever

You may feel a considerable amount of cabin fever as you adjust to your new lifestyle.  A new baby requires a lot of attention and care and can be a challenge to leave the house with. Therefore it can be completely normal to start to feel like you haven’t left the house in months.

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