Tips for Advertising on Facebook in 2018

Facebook went through some dramatic changes in 2017 and continued to do so in 2018. Facing a fake news controversy over U.S. politics, the world’s largest social media network has decided to once more focus on the personal over the promotional. This shift in Facebook policy will significantly affect businesses and, in particular, how brands advertise on the platform. As 2018 rolls on, here are several useful tips for advertising on Facebook:

Top Quality Advertising Material is a Must

Facebook not so long ago announced that the user Newsfeeds would prominently feature personal posts. This means the promotional material will either be eliminated or treated as equally as personal posts. Businesses can still create promotional posts, but the chances of getting them seen by the target audience just got dimmer. There are several workarounds to this change, however. Companies should create high-quality posts that do not consist solely of clickbait and overly promotional language for starters. It’s best to hire a proven content marketing agency in Melbourne to do the heavy lifting in this regard. One of such agencies is WME Group.


Convince Followers to Prioritise Your Brand’s Posts

Another way to get around the personal post block on Facebook is to have followers tag your brand’s posts. A user can go to a brand’s Facebook profile and prioritize posts using a “see it first” tag. Doing so would get all those branded posts back on a user’s Newsfeed without filtering. The trick here is to get followers to perform this action. Use tactics such as those used for getting subscriptions to get users to click “see it first.”

Avoid “Engagement Bait”

Facebook banned a set of tactics commonly used by advertisers the company referred to as “engagement baiting,” which are various methods used to get users to like or share posts. For example, posts that used to say things like “share if you agree, like if you don’t” will be highly discouraged on Facebook. Companies that engage in this behavior will be penalized, but opportunities are given to improve tactics. Regardless, don’t do engagement baiting on Facebook anymore. Avoid these tactics and seek other ways to promote brands on the platform.

Choose Ads over Posts

Considering that promotional Facebook posts are becoming a tricky advertising tool, brands should consider switching to Facebook ads, delivered to the target audiences as usual. Facebook ads do cost, especially for smaller companies, but these can be a highly worthwhile investment all around.

Use Facebook Pixel

The platform’s Pixel add-on must support your Facebook advertising campaign in 2018. This tool allows data collection regarding user behavior on business websites. Facebook tracks users who visit business websites back to the social network. The data collected is invaluable for fine-tuning Facebook campaigns. Therefore, install Pixel to improve conversion rates overall.

Focus on Conversions, Not Awareness

What is the ultimate object of your brand’s Facebook campaign? Is it creating brand awareness? That is certainly the wrong objective. For small or medium-sized brands, a Facebook campaign’s sole objective should be to generate a sale. That means getting users to convert rather than like or share your product. Update your campaign’s goals with this new objective to make it actually effective.

Facebook may change rules and algorithm norms in the coming months. Even so, the above suggestions would hold as the platform shifts to increase personal user interactions rather than brand promotions.

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