Working Women and Their Problems

How much ever we debate Planet Amend  about equal rights for women there is always room for discrimination and insecurity amongst the society we live in. Why this distinction? Women too are capable of working with dedication and attaining a chance to live with respect and dignity. There is an equivalent balance of talent, spark, strength to deal with the corporate pressures and technical competency in women as well. Managing one’s household and one’s working life is not an easy task. Women have to take care of both personal and professional life and give it equal importance. Both are the prime priorities, they cannot be partial with either of the two. It requires immense hard work, dedication, and patience to deal with these both lives at the same time giving their 100%.

But the story does not end here, workplace obstacles and pressures further complicate the situation and begin at the recruitment stage itself. Dealing with gender bias issues and sexual harassment are major problems in the corporate world through which women have to survive. Also every individual deal with a situation in a different manner. The motive remains the same but just the implementation of the strategy changes which is very obvious as two individuals can never think the same. The fact that women too can think practically and deal with challenging circumstances is yet not completely accepted by our society as they are yet skeptical regarding this aspect.



One of the most shameful and heart-wrenching challenges a woman faces is sexual harassment in her workplace. This act can make a woman feel offended, humiliated or even intimidated. This is a universal issue and yet initiated as even in today’s times a woman is considered to be amongst the vulnerable section of the society. Asking for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment can also compel a woman to resign and therefore lose her job as well as her identity. This is generally because the victims fear to report to the higher authorities and issue a complaint regarding the same.

All women in the corporate sector have tried to prove their credibility from time to time. We have seen that genuine hard work is appreciated by a salary raise or a promotion but in the case of a woman there is a rare chance of getting an equal pay for the same position. Due to exceptional performances even if a woman is given a higher position there is gossiping regarding the compromises she must have made to earn this position. This clearly exhibits a stereotypical thinking that has been prevailing since ages. After a maternity leave when a woman resumes back to work there are many chances that there may be complete changes in the environment of the workplace and she may have to start from the beginning and do extra hours for compensation of the left which was assigned to her on behalf on her pregnancy. There are countless instances of ego clashes where a woman is expected to take a step backward but thankfully times are changing and women are standing up for themselves whether it is regarding equal pays or even ethical and professional ways of conduct. Being a housewife or even a working woman, both have its own share of difficulties and hurdles but dealing with pressures and challenges results in making an individual stronger and self-sufficient, the two qualities that are a must to survive in today’s dog eat dog world.

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