New Jersey often gets a bad rap, and unfairly so. Sure, it has issues like any other state, but it also has a lot of things working in its favor. Yes, it’s close to New York City, one of the greatest cities in all of the world, but it’s got better, cheaper housing options than you’ll find in a city as packed to the gills as New York.

In New York, you pay a premium just because you’re in the city. Look at all the tourists paying ridiculous prices for chain restaurant food in Times Square. New Jersey can be pricey (it’s one of the wealthiest states in the country), but at least you’re not paying a tourist tax.

But let’s ignore the Garden State’s proximity to New York (and Philadelphia, for that matter). If you’re looking to take up a new hobby or improve your life, New Jersey has plenty of options.



Learn to dance

It doesn’t matter if you’re fifteen or fifty; any age is a good age to learn how to dance. Whether you’re in Cranford or Vineland, get down to a dance studio and start learning how to move your hips (and other parts of your body). Good dance schools will offer classes for all ages and skill levels, so there’s no need to feel like you should have taken ten years of dance classes when you were a kid. Dance instructors love to see new people. They love to encourage people to step (or shimmy) outside their comfort zone and learn a new skill, especially one that’s so good for your health. Dancing is a great cardiovascular workout. You’ll get healthier and feel better from all those endorphins produced by doing the rumba, the tango, or even the cha-cha.

Getting married soon? You don’t have to dread your first dance. You can sign up for special wedding dance lessons to ensure that you and your betrothed feel as comfortable as possible when the band strikes up your special song and you step out onto the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.

Improve your smile

You don’t have to go to Manhattan or even Philadelphia to see a great dentist. You can find superior cosmetic dentists as close by as Matawan. Whether you need dental implants, veneers, or something else, it’s better to stay closer to home. Don’t be embarrassed if your teeth aren’t as white as you would like; that’s why there are teeth whitening treatments. If you never got braces as a kid but always felt like you needed them, then guess what? You can still get them as an adult. Life’s too short to always feel like you have to hide your teeth. You don’t. Get to a dentist and get the treatments you need. Before too long, you’ll be smiling so brightly that you’ll be able to light up all of New Jersey.