Top 5 Guns to Own When the World Goes Upside Down

Every prepper in the world realize that disaster and catastrophe could happen at any time – Whether it is an atomic war, space rocks attacking the Earth, or basically Mother Nature becoming wild. Notwithstanding the strategy, we are certainly on the way towards principal demolition. If we want the survival of humanity in a post-apocalyptic world, we need to be ready.

Besides the typical supplies like clothing, shelter, food, and water, you will also need to know a way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Why would that be? Indeed, there will be a state of confusion after SHTF, and, as per doomsday experts, every bit of civilization will disappear quickly from everyone left around. This will prompt violence, and you will see people turning on you or each other. In such an ugly situation, nothing can protect you more than a well looked after weapon.


That is the reason, today we have chosen to talk about the top 5 guns that every prepper should own when the world goes upside down. Obviously, there will not be a lack of enemies in this turbulent situation, but there would be a deficiency of ammo and weapons. Thus, to ensure you will be able to confront the primary wave and ensure you own any of the guns, we will review it below.


FN FAL is perhaps the most powerful gun on the planet. Made in Belgium; this incredible weapon was the most prominent assault rifle back in the twentieth century. It was received by numerous North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations, with the United States being the noteworthy exception during the Cold war. Overall, ninety countries have used this gun.

This incredible weapon has a bulky size and it gives 7.62mm round. The primary feature of FN FAL is that it can be used as per your purposes; it is very versatile. This firearm is known for several features such as durability, accuracy, and flexibility. It is recognized all over the world just because of its spectacular features. It transforms into a squad light machine gun, a sniper file, or a combat rifle.

  • Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun

Thompson M1921 Submachine Gun is another incredible weapon and one of the most powerful guns in the world. Made by John T in 1918, The Thompson machine gun, also known as Tommy Gun, is an incredible American submachine gun. It is a standout amongst the most deadly weapons on the planet, and it has many amazing features.

It fires a .45 ACP round at 1500 rounds per minute. The gun’s fundamental feature is that it is renowned among the users from its beginning and still is well keeping up its fame. Many changes have been made in this machine gun, and it is often referred to as “The Chicago Typewriter.” Many individuals worldwide are using this machine gun, although it is hard to use.

XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun is also one of the guns you should turn to when the world goes upside down as it is one of the most powerful guns in the world. ACSW is developed as the cutting edge mounted and dismounted automatic weapon that gives many benefits such as precise long-range capability, including air-bursting weapon, in a lightweight package.

This incredible machine gun is the brainchild of the U.S Army and has brilliant shell capacity. It is very lightweight. Thus it is easy to use, and even two men can use it. It is 2000 meters in length, and it can demolish helicopters, vehicles, and watercraft as far as 1,000 m.

Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle

This assault rifle was built by Mikhail Kalashnikov, a commander who got injured in World War II and heard soldiers grumbling about Russian Soviet rifles. He went on a mission to change that, and thus he came up with the powerful Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle. The rifle was first made in 1947 and ever since has been the standard Russian army assault rifle since 1949.

These assault rifles are widely known as Kalashnikovs, AKs, or “Kalash” in Russian slang. This is one of the most adopted guns globally because it is one of the most powerful. It is popular because of its durability, power, low price, and ease of use.

Furthermore, no special skill is required to utilize this incredible gun, making it a top pick for many people. In fact, this gun is recognized as the most widely used gun in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.

  • Machine Gun – Koch and Heckler HK MG4 MG 43

This machine gun is an incredibly lightweight weapon, and it has a caliber of up to 5.56 mm. In the 1990s, it was made by the German organization Heckler and Koch. However, 2001 was the year the public first knew the gun. In 2005, the German army adopted it as the standard support weapon at the platoon level.

Furthermore, this gun has a very lightweight design, and it has an empty weight of 18.85 pounds, and the butt is pivoted to collapse close by the gun to make it more portable or detached. Also, this gun was made to be safe to the user, work well in unfavorable conditions, and utilize a wide variety of ammo from various makers without adjusting to the gas system. It is nicknamed “Perfect killer” as it is very dependable and extremely deadly with a range of 3,280 ft.

Final Thoughts

So, if the world goes upside down tomorrow, these guys are the guns you need to keep yourself and your family alive. They are deadly, dangerous, and extremely destructive. Their efficiency and designs make them outstanding. They are widely known and used in numerous nations over the world.

Also, keep in mind that you need a rifle scope to use the above-listed guns efficiently. So, we recommend you to go for the best rifle scope for the money.

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