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Best Drones for Kids for the Year 2018

There is widespread knowledge of drones due to their presence on the news for various reasons, although drones have more heavy use, just as drones are used for fun.

Nowadays, drones are designed for people of different ages, both young and old, with varying experience levels. It is great that even kids can get in on the action. Thanks to drones designed for youngsters. Drones for first-time users are not always intended for kid use under a certain age range. The manufacturer may target the adult novice. Drones built for different purposes by youngsters have features that make them fly easily. Kids would not want to experience frustration while using their first-ever drone. None of the drone devices that are about to be listed later in this article will cause frustration.

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Kids have had an interest in flying objects, and you say it started with the paper plane, which uses wind for its flight, and the use of kites. Though drone flying is a lot of fun, it also improves some kids’ skills, such as flying drones.

Before flying a drone as a kid, there are some safety guidelines to follow:

You should know the manufacturers would always include child safety guidelines with every drone created by the company. In this guideline, some rules, like the kid’s recommended age, would use the drone and if supervision is recommended. Or maybe some detachable parts of the drone need to be fixed. These drone makers will also include precautions for drone parts, such as not touching the propellers while spinning. Always remember to read these guidelines, for they are quite helpful.

There are some low-budgeted drones for kids in the list below. Plus, some mid-range drone prices and everything else in between. Once you end this guide, you will be more informed and be able to make good decisions.

This article contains good reviews of the drone devices listed below. The list is not exhaustive. It is just that the mentioned ones are proven to be winners among kid pilots. They are two popular drones just for kids.

It’s amazing how these drones are sold and how sturdy they are. The drones may be o low in price, but don’t let that discourage you. Quality isn’t always expensive.

Here is a list of the drones:

Best Drones for Kids for the Year 2018 1Holy Stone HS170 Predator Min-RC

This is a dandy small-sized quad-copter that is the perfect drone for kids or anyone with entry-level skills. It is of the same size as the adult palm of its user. It is quite a fast and fun quad-copter for kids. The manufacturers recommend the age of 14+. It also means adult should supervise their kids while they fly in case of accidents.

The Holy Stone drone has a higher rating on Amazon and streams good reviews from drone users. It ensures that many users who have flown the Holy Stone HS170 have good thoughts about its features and capability.

Parts of the Holystone:

  • The predator mini-copter itself
  • A remote controller
  • Spare sets of propellers
  • A battery of 350mAh
  • A user manual
  • USB cable
  • Small screwdriver

The pros

  • Kid-friendly
  • Light and rugged
  • It comes with extra propellers.
  • Fun to fly around
  • Th.ree modes of speed
  • Can upgrade the battery
  • No FAA registration is required.

The cons

  • The control buttons are not marked.
  • The user manual is overly basic.
  • Absence of camera

The GoolRC Scorpion T36 mini

Best Drones for Kids for the Year 2018 2

This is a kid drone that looks more like a toy. This is quite appealing to youngsters in particular. Despite all these, it is still a fun toy aircraft for anyone with entry-level skills.

All because it is a lightweight remote-controlled mini-drone, it is perfect for indoor flight. It is ready to fly once taken outside the box, meaning it has already been assembled. The age recommended by the manufacturers is 14 years.

There are parts in the box such as:

  • The Google t36 mini-drone
  • Extra propellers
  • 4Ghz remote control
  • Batteries(with some extra ones)
  • Screwdriver
  • A battery charger
  • A user manual

The pros

  • Affordable
  • Powerful and responsive
  • Presence of the return to a user button
  • Quick battery recharge time
  • 6-axis gyro flight control system
  • Crash-resistant
  • Bonus battery included

The cons

  • Poor flight time
  • Take a while to get used to the controls
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