Tips for an Excellent Wedding Video

Wedding day! The most cherished and desired day of any couple’s life. The day comes once in a lifetime, and every couple wants to hold the memories of this long day for a lifetime. Many emotions, expectations, and desires are related to this big day.

Capturing all the passion, thoughts, and sentiments in a video is a great responsibility. Being the person to shoulder it, you have to be very careful and creative. To be perfect and precise in shooting an excellent wedding video, you need to have some experience and follow some tips and techniques. For instance, whatever video you make, if you are shooting a sports video, sports video editing is a crucial factor to consider.

In making videos of such a day that cannot be reproduced or reshot, you have to be very mindful of every shot and moment to tape them with perfection, making them worthy of cherishing for a lifetime. Yes, you have to face challenges for an excellent wedding video as it would be a treasure for the couple and their families.

What You Need to Know Before Shooting Wedding Videography

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Tips for an Excellent Wedding Video

Only having fabulous and expensive gears does not make an excellent wedding video. The couple is shouldering you the responsibility to tape their treasured moments into a video. It is a tedious task indeed. Find the following tips and approaches to make an outstanding wedding video that will bring smiles to your clients’ faces.

Coordinate with the Couple and Venue

Before the wedding day arrives, talk to the couple and understand what they want in their wedding video. Know about their vision and ask if they desire any particular moment to add to the video. Know if any celebrity is going to perform in any program. When you get an outline of the event, you can capture them in a better way.

Have a visit to the venue before the event to get familiar with the place and take shots in various areas. Having a sound knowledge of the venue’s rules and sites will help you make excellent and professional wedding videos.

It is all about the Couple!

A wedding is the biggest day of the life of any couple. Try to focus every single expression and moment of the couple; it is their day indeed! They might be anxious, so you have to direct them so naturally to get the best shots. But do not forget the families and friends. Try to reach at least thirty minutes before the event starts, prepare your gears and take some shots of the place.

Be Light with Gear and Fast

There are a lot of moments to capture in a wedding video. So it would help if you were light with equipment. The most important part here is to keep it as simple as changing lenses and stabilization equipment. You have to make the shots stable. You cannot get stable shots if you hold the camera with your hands. Tripod or monopod, whatever you use, focus on exchanging the supporter gears as smoothly as feasible.

rituals and customs and make a list of what you will shoot.

Carry Extra Tapes and Batteries

Who would like to get half of the wedding day captured? You may have to shoot for the whole day, and a single battery may not provide you with the required backup. Try to take an additional battery and extra tapes with you. If not possible, keep the charger with you so that you can recharge the batteries when required.


Lighting is a very crucial fact while taking shots of a wedding video. Each event can take place in different places and times. Some may take place outdoors in the daytime, while some may have a shadow light mood. You have to be equipped for any light status and bring your own lights with you.


Poor quality audio is able enough to ruin an outstanding shot, especially if the sound of your camera is not quality. So, always keep some recording equipment for the best audio quality.

Shoot from Different Angles

Shooting every view from three different perspectives will allow you to cut between various angles while editing. Take your video to another level, and film through the lights and flowers, utilize the reflections, and many more to add an appealing concept to the video.

Get Close

At the end of the day, a wedding is an event of emotions, and capturing every person’s feelings makes a transcendent wedding video. Maintaining a certain distance, get closer to the couple and the families’ members to tape the real emotions on their faces.

editing is the king! While doing the editing task, remember you are making the product meant for cherishing for a couple for their whole life. While shooting, you may have taken additional shots. Try to cut the unstable shots. Edit so that the video tells the story of the journey of these two people knotting together. Do not use effects and transitions unnecessarily, and try to keep it real and natural with some mild music.

An exquisite wedding video demands your devotion and dedication towards the task of making someone’s special day captured in a tape to recollect for a lifetime. The above tips will surely help you in your journey towards creating an excellent wedding video.

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