Are You a Spine Surgery Candidate?

Almost every person experiences at least one episode of acute low back pain at some point in their lives. While these occurrences can be extremely painful and lead to significant disruption in a person’s life, most of these incidences of low back pain get better in about 4-6 weeks with the help of non-surgical care.

Many lower back pain patients wonder if they require back surgery and when they should consult a chiropractor before consulting a spine surgeon. However, if the low back pain starts to ease up early, the patient may resume normal activities, and consulting a spine surgeon would no longer be necessary.

Spine Surgery Candidate

On the other hand, if the pain persists, you are required to visit a spine surgeon who will determine whether you are a spine surgery candidate or not. Your doctor may ask you to see an orthopedic surgeon if you are experiencing the following:

  • A slipped disk that is not getting better with time and care
  • Bone spurs in your spine that make you feel uncomfortable by putting pressure on your spinal cord
  • Numbness or weakness in your arms and legs
  • A dislocated or broken bone in your back
  • Trouble in walking or using your hands
  • A degenerative spinal condition that’s causing side effects, such as weakness.
  • A bladder control because of a problem with the nerves present in your back

Remember, talking to a surgeon does not mean youagreeforasurgery. Instead, it is a chance to learn more about your condition and the options you can choose from.


Patients are advised not to rush into surgeries. People suffering from slipped discs or degenerative spine conditions should wait at least 6 weeks before surgery as these conditions are slow to worsen. This gives the doctor a chance to see if your body will recover on its own or not. Furthermore, it also lets the doctor determine if more conservative treatments, such as physical therapy or spinal injections can help.

However, there exists one major reason why you may require spine surgery sooner than later – or even right away. If you are experiencing unrelenting pain and neurological signs like foot drop, or a severe problem such as a spinal cord injury, your doctor may not want to delay the surgery. Moreover, if you have any uncertainties about whether you need surgery at any point, you are free to seek a second opinion. Surgery is always a joint decision between your surgeon and you. It is always beneficial to come to a mutual conclusion. To ensure full recovery, you should get treatment from one of the top spine surgery Delhi hospitals. Hospitals like Max Healthcare provide fast improvement, owing to its highly skilled and renowned team of specialists.

A healthy lifestyle can minimize your chances of suffering from back pain whether you are a spine surgery candidate or not. If you are obese, then try and sustain a healthy body weight. Also, make sure that you indulge in a healthy diet, exercise regularly, sit and stand in a correct posture, and abstain from smoking and drinking. Following these everyday tips will help not only your spine but also your general wellness.

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