Are curved TVs Just a Marketing Gimmick?

As local CCTV installers know, there are many types of TVs out there, in plenty of shapes and sizes, but one of those stands out, and that is the curved TV. This article will go over the benefits and drawbacks of the curved TV, helping you decide for yourself whether it is a marketing gimmick or not.


Improved Immersion

The biggest argument for curved TVs is that they improve immersion in the movie, or whatever it is that you are watching at that time. Indeed, cinema screens are curved for the same reason, as the world on the screen looks like it wraps around the viewer, much like the real world does.

Added Depth

When watching a curved TV, most individuals say that they were under the impression it was a 3D program, even though it may have been only 2D. The reason this happens is that the curve on the edge adds to the visuals, resulting in an added sense of depth.

Field of View that is Wider

When the image is bent towards the viewer, the resulting effect is that it makes them feel as though they are getting a wider image than when looking at a flat screen, even though the sizes may be the exact same.

Improved Contrast

The idea here is that when the screen is curved, the light from it comes towards the eyes more than towards anything else, delivering a better contrast. Now, this one is hard to measure objectively, but it does appear to be so.

Viewing Angles that are Uniform

The idea here is that the curved shape fits the shape of our eyes, which is why it offers a picture that is much more comfortable for our eyes to deal with than the one coming from a flat screen TV.

Looks Good

This is highly dependent on preferences, but many people like the appearance of a curved TV, which is what ends up being one of the big reasons driving their choice for this one over the other.


Worse Reflections

Reflections are just something we have to deal with, regardless of the type of TV we own. However, with curved TVs, the reflections are distorted and stretched, making them wider and more bothersome than the ones on a flat screen TV.

Limited Viewing Angles

With flat screens TV, you pretty much get the same image regardless of where you’re sitting. However, the curved shape of the other type results in an uncomfortable angle when viewing the screen from the side.

Most Benefits Are Dependent on Where You’re Sitting

In order to get pretty much all of the benefits mentioned above, you have to be sitting in the sweet spot to get all of that awesome immersive experience, as well as improved depth. Otherwise, all of that is out of the window.

Awkward on the Wall

This one is dependent on one’s tastes, but most people seem to think that curved TVs look awkward when mounted on a wall. You may not think so, however, in which case, this won’t be an issue for you.

Here you have it! The pros and cons of curved TVs, all brought to you so you can decide for yourself whether the curved TV is merely a marketing gimmick or not. At the end of the day, whether that is the case highly depends on your own preferences, more so than on anything else.

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