Apple reveals App Store takedown demands

For the primary time, Apple has published the number of requests it’s obtained from governments to take down apps from its app shop.

In its modern-day transparency file, published Tuesday, the tech massive said it obtained 80 requests from eleven international locations to dispose of 634 apps from its localized app shops for the duration of July 1 to December 31, 2018.

Apple didn’t list the apps that had been eliminated; however, it mentioned in maximum cases why the apps have been pulled. China made up the bulk of the requests, looking to cast off 517 apps claiming they violated its playing and pornography legal guidelines. Vietnam and Austria also asked to eliminate numerous apps that violated its playing laws, even as Kuwait asked Apple to pull a few apps that fell afoul of its privateness laws.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Lebanon have been most countries that asked for the removal of some apps, in conjunction with The Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland.

The pass comes more than a year after the company promised to post the figures beginning with this state-of-the-art transparency document.

Apple said it would in a future transparency document — slated for mid-2020 — document on appeals acquired in response to government demands to eliminate apps from the agency’s localized app shops.

For the primary time, the tech giant posted several countrywide protection letters it acquired permission to put up.

Apple reveals App Store takedown demands 1

National safety letters (NSLs) are controversial subpoenas issued via the FBI and not using a judicial oversight and often with a gag order preventing the business enterprise from disclosing their lifestyles. Since the creation of the Freedom Act in 2015, the FBI turned into required to periodically assess the gag orders and raise them after they have been no longer deemed vital.

Apple first discovered it acquired an NSL in 2017 however, it by no means posted the record. In its ultra-modern transparency report, the enterprise finally posted the letter — at the side of 4 others from 2018 that had the gag order lifted in April and May 2019.

As for the relaxation of the file, the maximum of the authority’s needs went down for the duration of the six-month length compared to the preceding reporting duration.

Apple said it acquired 29,183 demands from governments — down almost 10% at the final reporting period — to get entry to 213,737 gadgets inside the 2d 1/2 of the remaining 12 months.

Germany issued the most legal needs for the six-month length finishing December 2018, with 12,343 requests for 19,380 devices. Apple said the huge variety of requests were mainly due to police investigating stolen gadgets.

The U.S. Became in the 2nd area with four,680 needs for 19,318 gadgets.

Apple also obtained four,875 requests for account data, along with information saved in iCloud — up by way of 16% at the previous reporting duration — affecting 22,503 bills.

The tech giant also noticed a rise in the variety of government requests to hold data for up to a few months. Apple stated it received 1,823 requests, up by way of 15%, affecting five,553 money owed, in the course of which law enforcement sought to obtain the precise orders to get right of entry to the statistics.

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