Add new life to your tresses with hairstyles for medium length hair!

Hairstyles for medium length hairare perfect for those who want a cute hairstyle without having to compromise on length. You can still keep a decent length to your hair while adding a ton of volume and movement. As well, you can experiment with color options such as balayage and ombre tones.

Medium length hairstyles are all the rage this year. From tousled layered locks to longer bob haircuts, there are dozens of cute and stylish cuts for mid length hair. As well, if you have thinner locks, a medium length haircut can add a ton of volume to your tresses. Highlights, lowlights, babylights and balayage tones can add depth and dimension to thinner hair. And ombre shades look stunning on medium length hair!

If have heavy hair and want to lighten up your tresses, a mid length haircut can do wonders for your hair. You won’t have to compromise much on length by adding some long layers to lift some of the dead weight from your tresses. Your hair will look and feel so much healthier!

So if you’re looking for a way to liven up your longer locks, try one of these trending hairstyles for medium length hair! You won’t be disappointed!

These multi tonal blonde high and lowlights will glisten like spun gold in the summer sun. The length is below the shoulders so it’s still long enough to pull back in a trendy updo or messy bun or pony. However, it’s short enough that it doesn’t weigh down your tresses. This look is easy to style if you want to go straight. Simply blow it dry with a round brush and then run a flat iron for a sleek and polished look.

This cut is a great way to lighten up thick wavy hair. The brown and blonde balayage effect adds a lot of depth and movement. It also helps add volume to your wavy tresses. And it’s so easy to style. You can simply add some sea salt spray and tousle your curls gently with your fingers and let them air dry. Of you could blow dry it with a flat brush and flip the ends out. Don’t forget to add a volumizing mousse for added texture. This look is fun and flirty if you want to show off your playful nature!



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Cute updos are so stylish this season. These braids that end in messy buns are super cute and playful for those who want a youthful vibe. The multi tonal blonde and browns add a lot of depth to this fun and fresh look.

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