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At some point in all our lives, it’s likely we’ll seek to find a counsellor to help us through an emotional, stressful, difficult, or challenging period. And using a counselling directory can put you in touch with the right counsellor who’s qualified to help you and will give you the therapy you need.

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If you’ve never needed a counsellor, or any kind of therapy before, finding a private counsellor to help you can seem like a struggle. But because counselling can help many people in many ways, it’s important you find a counsellor you’re comfortable with, you trust and who can help you with your individual needs.

Counselling for every area

Whatever issues or challenges you’re facing in your life, talking them over with a qualified counsellor can prove decisive in helping you get through them. But when we talk about using the services of a counsellor, it gives the impression that we may only need their help for the deepest of our mental health issues we need to resolve, such as depression or bereavement.

While that may be the case in many situations, those counsellors can prove invaluable when you need it most, helping you to overcome serious issues. But counsellors can often be used to help with other major life decisions in other areas, such as a careers choice, or even to help you grow spiritually.

In these circumstances, a counsellor’s life coaching skills will come into play. Helping you to look at a lighter, but no less important issue more objectively. But whatever subject you need to discuss, however troubling for you, sessions with a counsellor’s involvement, can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings, and bring positive change with the best outcome for you.

Professional guidance

The reasons why you seek counselling can be of a sensitive, private, or intimate nature and might not be easy for you to talk about openly, especially to a stranger. But it may be equally as difficult talking about them to a close friend or family member. The fear of both of you feeling embarrassed as a result is quite probable, with the additional sense of burdening them with your own problems.

While that’s completely understandable, it might be harder to deal with for some, than others. But while friends or family may have a biased viewpoint, talking to an experienced, and trained professional will give you the distance you need to talk openly.

Professional therapists and counsellors are qualified, not just to be a listening board for your problems, but to give you unbiased guidance and a neutral point of view. By talking openly, they’ll help you to resolve your issues over a number of sessions, giving you direction or methods of coping as well. This is why finding a counsellor that you’re comfortable with is an important part of your therapy.

But if you’re new to therapy, trying to find any counsellor can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what you’re really looking for. There will probably be quite a list of counsellors to choose from in your area, so finding one that’s right for you will be tricky. By using the counselling directory from the National Counselling Society (NCS), a fully accredited counsellor will be nearer than you think.

Using the counselling directory

Unless you’ve been recommended a specific counsellor or therapist by your GP, you’ll probably be looking for a private one by choice, more than likely using Google and searching your local area. This is fine and can give you many options as a result, but where do you start? And how do you know if they’re properly qualified to treat you effectively, or even qualified at all?

This is where the National Counselling Society (NCS) counselling directory can really help you. By using the extensive search options, you can enter criteria such as location or postcode to narrow down your search, helping you pinpoint the right counsellor nearest to you. And if a friend or colleague has recommended a counsellor to you, you’ll be able to find them directly to see if they specialise in the area you need.

When searching for counsellors by location, you’re also able to refine those results further by choosing which specialism of therapy you need, such as trauma, anxiety, family, or mindfulness. This will narrow your results further still by filtering out any counsellor who doesn’t match your requirement.

And as some patients prefer different types of counselling sessions, you’re also able to choose the type of session you need, such as face to face or telephone, as well as who the therapy is for – whether it’s for you, a friend or a child. All the information in the counselling directory is there to help anyone make an informed decision on any therapist to make sure they’re the right one for them.

Your wellbeing guaranteed

Each session is designed to help you overcome difficult personal problems over a period of time. A good counsellor will listen to what you have to say without talking over or down to you, asking relevant questions while showing empathy and understanding.

By using the counselling directory, you’ll be guaranteed to find a counsellor who is an accredited registrant. The directory is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, and all your search results will include only counsellors who have been assessed and approved by the Authority.

That means they are fully qualified and trained in their respective specialist areas to treat you. And, if the time is right for you, their contact details are there so you can get in touch. Your wellbeing is the most important thing, and by only choosing a counsellor from the counselling directory, you’re guaranteed to receive treatment from practitioners who are genuinely able to help you.

For more information on the National Counselling Society and to find the right counsellor to help you, please visit the Find A Counsellor page on our website, or call the National Counselling Society team today on 01903 200666.


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