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Color choice for successful web design

When creating a website, every web designer must select colors wisely as they play an important role in users’ perception. Well-picked colors can prompt visitors to purchase a product or service from a website or make them leave for good.

 Web Design

Despite the apparent easiness, professional web design studio Direct Line Development would like to share some useful tips on how to properly select colors for your next web design project by yourself effectively.

Use natural colors

Natural colors make a difference! Use soft colors to make it easy for users’ eyes to browse your website.

Use contrasting colors

Using contrasting colors is the best way to bring what you want your visitors to see to the fore on a website. Whether it be an article or product, a contrasting background is a great solution to make information jump out at users and promote products.

Use 3 key colors maximum.

Websites are sources of information, and the main goal of a professional designer is to highlight the needed information and drive users’ attention to other key elements on the site. Simplicity and minimalism are time-proven tools that work well.

Focus on your target audience

Knowing who is your target audience is essential as it determines what color scheme to choose and how to make a web design. Keep in mind when designing a website that it is for users. If you create cartoons for kids, use bright and vivid colors, or Adobe Kuler is the most popular tool. It helps match colors. The beginners will appreciate the simplicity of use and user-friendly interface.

  • COLOURlovers is the storage of ready-made color schemes for all tastes. Here you can easily create, edit or download color scheme patterns for your website.
  • Colorjack is a good source that blends features of Adobe Kuler and COLOURlovers. You can create your own color schemes, edit or download patterns.
  • The Bottom Line

    Color selection in web design is an essential step in website making process. Creating various color schemes can be fun, but a website is a tool that has its functions. At Direct Line Development, we always examine the target audience and pay attention to behavioral factors during the web design process. It allows us to create attractive, user-friendly, and better-performing websites. When working with us, our clients can be sure that they get modern, adaptive web design and business tools.

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