How to Properly Clean your Body Jewelry to Avoid Infection

Body piercing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Originally it was more of a tradition and done to wear a wider variety of jewelry. It is a fashion statement nowadays. If you are determined to get a piercing, you must be aware of the methods used to sterilize your jewelry so that you are safe from the infections resulting from proper jewelry cleaning. Body piercing can be placed on many body parts, such as the navel, ears, tongues, and sensitive genital areas. Adequate cleansing for body jewelry becomes essential to prevent infection in any of these regions. Here are a few ways to properly clean your body jewelry to avoid infection.

How often should I clean my earrings?

Place your body jewelry in boiling water for a few minutes and let it soak. This will help in killing any bacteria present on the jewelry. If any electronic components, acrylic, or jewels are present, this method must not be used to clean your body jewelry.

Heat water in a clean vessel and add a few drops of liquid disinfectant or antibacterial soap, but it should not have added fragrances. They can hamper the jewels. Immerse the piece of jewelry in this solution for at least 5 – 10 minutes to remove the debris and bacteria. This method is safe for almost all kinds of body jewelry except for mouth jewelry.

  • Alcohol or peroxide

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol kills germs and bacteria on the jewelry. This is an effective method of disinfecting your body jewelry. Immerse your jewelry in the alcohol or peroxide and let it soak in the solution for 10 minutes. This method can cause discoloration of the jewels if not done properly. Therefore, proper care must be taken while doing it.

  • Mouthwashes

You can use this method for cleaning tongue rings or any other kind of body jewelry or mouth. Hexetidine, Listerine, and other such mouthwash soaks can be used.

  • Steam treatment

Steam is hotter than boiling water; it is a better way of killing germs and bacteria. Use your cookers, allow 10 – 12 whistles, and leave the jewelry inside for at least 45 minutes. This will enable maximum steam penetration. It is essential to leave the jewelry to dry properly before inserting it into the piercing. This will clean the jewelry thoroughly and eliminate all its spores to be properly sterilized.

  • An ultrasonic cleaner

If you have numerous body jewelry and are willing to invest in something efficient, buying an ultrasonic cleaner is a good option. It is an electronic basin that uses vibration to remove dirt from trickier pieces. If you have multiple piercings, buying this will save your cleaning time.

After using the above-stated cleaning methods, you may take tests to ensure proper sterilization of the body jewelry. Such as:

  • Sterilization index test
  • Spore test
  • Heat indicators
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