Body Jewelry draws attention above the neck.

Were earrings the only jewelry you thought you could wear above the neckline? On the contrary, the number of options for piercings today can help draw attention to your face in an attractive fashion.

While piercings have existed historically, the professional procedures used today are relatively safe and painless thus making it a good option for those who like to explore with what they do to their skin and face. Moreover, piercings may help add to your looks providing a trendy edge and you can simply leave them without jewelry when you no longer want them.

While ears continue to be the most popular place for piercing for men, women and children alike, multiple ear piercing going right through the ear lobe to the tragus have been trending for a while. Almost everyone has seen at least one person with a series of piercings going up their ear. With so many piercing options available, the ear remains a popular and obvious choice especially for those who are not too experimental with their overall appearance. Thus, the most easily available body jewelry with a wide range of choices to select from is for your ears, from earring to studs, there’s never a time when you cannot find jewelry for your ears.

Besides the ears, another types of piercings most people have seen on passers by are nose or eyebrow piercings. They have been constantly growing in popularity. The nose piercing does require extra care due to the amount of bacteria associated with the nose. While the conventional nose piercings were on the sides of the nostrils, you might come across the piercings on the septum (between the two nostrils). Nose rings and studs are available in a variety of choices. Mostly seen on the outer edge, eyebrow piercings can be along any part of the eyebrow. They are extremely fashionable at the moment and have been much a trend with both men and women. Eyebrow piercing however tends to close really fast and must not be left without jewelry for even as long as 48 hours.

Besides the conventional ear and nose piercings, the mouth area too provides for quite some space for trendy piercings. While some people might get their cheeks pierced or even their tongue, the more popular ones include the labret (below the lip and above the chin), Monroe (named after Marilyn Monroe, off center of upper lip), angel or snake bite (opposite sides of the upper lip), smiley (upper frenulum above front too teeth) and frowny(it is the opposite of smiley i.e. it is located near the bottom teeth.

While most generally jewelry used for piercings as rings, the body jewelry available for these piercings include rings, studs, posts and barbells. Eyebrows or ears lend themselves for display of dangling body jewelry while nose and mouth stick to rings, posts or studs.

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