If you own a car, you have definitely felt the rising panic when a rock or stone hits the windshield of your car. Your first two thoughts are probably, “How much is this going to cost me?” and “Do I have to replace the entire windshield?” In some cases, you may only have a small crack whereas in others, the crack may be more noticeable. These cracks not only ruin the aesthetic appeal of the car but also become a safety hazard, interfering with the driver’s visibility of the road ahead.

There are a few things that can help you decide between repairing your windshield and completely replacing it. If the damage is big, and there is a huge crack and break running across the glass, then it is quite obvious that you have to completely replace it as soon as possible. But, it is important to remember that newer cars have windshield that are installed according to government regulations and this means you may have to repair it instead of replacing. Additionally, keeping your car in a condition close to the original is best for both its resale value and the safety of the driver and passengers.

Today, many insurance companies are advising their customers to repair their damaged windshields for several reasons. This is because the repair of the windshield is less expensive for the insurance company to pay for as compared to the replacement of it. In addition, you will be parted from your vehicle for a relatively short period of time and may not even require the services of a rental car which is an additional expense for the insurance company. If your insurance doesn’t cover windshield damages, then it makes sense for you to consider having it repaired instead of replaced as it will work out much cheaper for you.

Now you may be wondering if it is necessary for you to enlist the help of a professional instead of simply fixing it yourself using a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit that is easily available. Keep in mind that the process is more complicated than it seems and replacing or repairing the windshield needs precision and the use of special tools and techniques that only professionals are trained in.



When your car is first damaged, you may be unsure of whether you want to have it repaired or replaced. Instead of driving your vehicle to an auto repair shop and risking further damage, make sure that you call a professional mobile auto glass service who will send a professional straight to your house and you can see what needs to be done right then and there. Leaving your car in the repair shop also increases the risk of you being cheated and being charged extra.

You should keep in mind that repairing your windshield does not reduce its quality. In fact, it is the exact same as the quality of a fully replaced windshield. If you are ever put in the position to choose between repairing and replacing, make sure you consider all the factors mentioned in this article before making your decision.