5 Tips For Designing Stainless Steel Tags

You may need stainless steel tags for a number of reasons whether that is for commercial use or personal use. Irrespective of which it is, you will certainly want a clean product that oozes quality and competence. Listed below are five tips you can follow when designing your customised stainless steel tag-

  1. Use an Easy to Read Font- make sure to use a form that individuals can easily read. The two most common fonts used are Arial and Times New Roman. Try not to keep varying the font used so as to ensure proper readability especially if you are going to be using it for tagging objects with their names or ID numbers
  2. Keep the Message Precise and Minimalistic- again, this can be used especially in industrial uses where machine parts or tools need to be titled and tagged with appropriate names. Try to keep the message on the tag short but explanatory and use well known abbreviations wherever possible
  3. Use Capital Letters- it has been found that it takes time for the eyes to adjust to a constant fluctuation between capital and small letters. In order to improve readability and make it easier to quickly comprehend what is being communicated, you may simply want to use only capital letters.
  4. Use Straight Lines- o f all the places to be creative, designing steel tags for your company is not one of them! In addition to simply being more complicated to read, it could also end up being a lot more expensive if you are on a strict budget. While you can get a little creative when placing your company’s logo, make sure that the important information that needs to be read is clear and easy to read. All of the alphabets and words should be aligned uniformly in a straight line and not curved around the tag
  5. Use the Right Engraving Process- there are different types of engraving processes available in the market. Depending on the type of environment that your steel tags are going to be exposed to, you may want to consider different forms of engraving and weighing the pros and cons before choosing the one that is best for you. The most common type of engraving that is done and is almost always enough is laser engraving. If you work in an environment that constantly emits fumes and could dull the engraving, you may want to opt for something like rotary engraving which will also leave an indelible ink mark in the engraved part

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