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4 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Car in Shape

A car is a big investment for most of us, and we intend to take all the privileges out of it. However, the car’s condition depreciates as we use it year after year. Using it for a long time tends to wear the paint job away; the engine also sucks and doesn’t respond after a few years. Hence, we need to take it away to the service garage. But, if we can take care of the car, as we do of the human body at regular intervals, the car can prevent major problems in the future when we do a full body checkup.

4 Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Car in Shape 1

This article will show four maintenance tips to help you keep your car in shape.


The car manual is the bible of any car. You know the car’s manual by heart; you know everything about the ins and outs of the car. Following what the manual says, in case of any problem, is the best way to take care of the car and extend its life. Moreover, it will save many of your mechanic visits if you follow the car manual.

For instance, if you drive a BMW and your friend a Mercedes, you both might have the same problem with each of your cars, but not necessarily the cause or the solution would be the same. Different make and models of vehicles have other issues and, hence, different solutions.

Listen to Your Car

Even if you don’t know anything about your car, you will notice when something is wrong with your vehicle. For instance, if a scratch has happened by your door or a flat tire. You would notice it. Mechanics advise that when you see something is the case with your car, you shouldn’t avoid it or think that you will take care of it later. It would help if you immediately handled the problem because leaving it alone will become a major issue.

For instance, a worn-out wiper screeches onto your front glass when it is worn out. It gives you a sign that you need to change it. Once you avoid it and think that you’ll take care of it later, it will scratch your front glass; hence, you will have to spend a lot of money fixing it.

Check under the Hood

The most important parts of a car are generally in the car’s bonnet, under the bonnet hood, and if you feel that something is wrong with the vehicle, you must check for any problems. It is quite easy nowadays to check the level of the fluids in the bonnet. You may use a dipstick to see the story of the liquid. To keep your engine healthy, always check that the fuel level doesn’t go down below a certain threshold.
If you can’t understand something, there’s always the car manual to go and refer to.

Go to Professional

Since most of us are ignorant about the car’s internal functioning, we must have a go-to professional mechanic who can instruct us in case we need some advice from them. Having a go-to professional is like visiting a dentist, even if you brush daily—nothing but a pro-advice or a pro-service to an already well-maintained car.

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