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5 Ways To Increase Productivity, Value, and Income Online

If you work online, you know that the bottom line for many of your decisions will be related to productivity, value, and income via investment (concerning both time and money). So, that means you’ll always be looking for expert tips to help you do this.

Five ways that you’ll see referred to consistently are going to include rethinking digital shopping campaigns, finding hotkey and text shortcuts for common work-related tasks, reverse engineering various Google algorithms, finding ways of making payments (to you) easier, and making sure that you always design for responsive frameworks when it comes to your main website.

 Income Online

Rethink Digital Shopping Campaigns

Online marketers of any type, at this point, should take a hard look at how they’re doing some basic things like establishing Google shopping campaigns because the rules have changed. And they will continue to change. Returning and revisiting what details you have in the equation can rapidly help you trim your digital fat and get back a higher ROI almost immediately.


Find Text Shortcuts

Find a hotkey program you’re comfortable with, depending on your basic operating system. And for any tasks that you do regularly, assign them a hotkey set. This may take a little bit of time to set up, but if you want to increase the value of your time, having this kind of system in place can drastically increase your speed and efficiency with minimal effort. Within some time after setting up the basics, you’ll be flying through your typical tasks.

Reverse Engineer the Algorithms

If you make any money associated with the traffic you get to your online website, you must understand Google’s algorithm set. If you don’t know the basic facts, you’re losing all sorts of attention simply because you don’t know what format you should use regarding best practices.

Make Payments Easier

Additionally, if you want to make more income via your online productions, you want to make it as easy for people as possible to pay you. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a business PayPal account that allows a person to get to a payment page with a single click from your main site.

Design For Responsive Frameworks

And since the mobile revolution has sat on our collective heads, with more than 50 percent of web traffic moving through mobile phones, if you want to keep productivity, value, and income high, you have to account for the fact that your information has to be presented both on big desktop screens, and tiny mobile screens as well.

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