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For the past few months, the whole world has stuck to the screens watching every Bitcoin rate move. What is it? A craze or an innovation that is changing the world rapidly? Economists and brokers haven’t come to a single opinion on this issue. But there is one thing that causes no doubts – cryptocurrency has become an integral part of our lives, and it is about to stay here forever.

What Is Cryptocurrency?


There are a lot of cryptocurrency experts. They teach others about blockchain technologies, how to invest money right, and howtotoken. However, in general, most people still do not get the meaning of crypto money and what it actually is. When there is a token – there is a money issue. So, literary any cryptocurrency is electronic, or digital, money, for which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of any national bank.

Where Do People Buy E-money?

If you want to invest in digital money, there are two ways of getting your piece of the pie. So, basically, there are two methods of e-money making:

  • mining;
  • stock exchange;
  • catching free money.

The first two options require investments, and the more people invest – the more they get in return. Mining is now the most popular method, which, they say, became that tool that makes people millionaires here and there. People spend around $5,500 for many ASCI and/or build GPU rigs, install a crypto farm in their basements and start mining.


How To Mine?

Earlier miners used many SSDs for getting cryptocurrency, but recently things have changed together with technologies. An average mining farm starts with around 500 video adapters. In this case, miners need their adapters, e-wallet, and special equipment that generates e-cash.

However, there are rumors that video adapters are no longer effective any longer and are blown with the wind, just like SSD-based farms. The only thing that can help anyone earn a fortune is a special mining equipment. Some experts believe that this is nothing else than a PR campaign started by enterprises that produce this hardware.

How To Trade?

If you choose the stock exchange method – this one is easy, especially considering several successful trading platforms, like EXMO, BitFlip, Yobit, and others. What you need is your own trading algorithm. But when it is cheap and sell when its price goes up, keep an eye on the market. Professional brokers usually start with 1-10 Bitcoins to try their skills in action, but considering its current price – 1 Bitcoin is already a risk.

How To Get Cryptocurrency For Free?

If you hate the idea to spend your real cash on that – search for special cranes that give away some cryptocurrency ‘drops.’ That might seem ridiculous – just several cents a day. But if you find a bunch of such cranes, work with them for a few months and bring what you got to the stock exchange – that might work best for you and bring insane profit without investments.

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