The Modern Shift – 4 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from the Digital Age

It’s easy to underestimate the power of digital technologies, primarily because we often interact with them. Our mobile devices are constantly within reach. We chat, phone, surf, photograph, and create in increasingly sophisticated ways, but we don’t have to put much thought into it. Digital technologies have become our third arm, ever-present and reliable.


It’s a similar story for contemporary businesses. Company owners and their employees daily use digital tools to complete a thousand different tasks. The problem with this is that such intimacy can make it difficult to take a step back and fully recognize the impact of these technologies on sales, marketing, brand potential, manufacturing, and HR.

This guide to the relationship between business and technology will explore how your company can make digital matter.

The Opportunity to Go Global

Perhaps the biggest change brought about by digital technologies is the ease of expansion, even over great distances. Thirty years ago, entrepreneurs worked from a centralized space containing their key resources. To get things done, they’d have to be in this space.

The contemporary services at are just examples of how things have changed. These flexible workspaces still offer a centralized hub, but the difference is that their tools, software, and equipment can be accessed from anywhere.


Resolving Customer ‘Pain Points

The emergence of mobile apps has revolutionized the customer experience. It is easier than ever to connect and communicate with clients. The result is a much faster, smoother purchasing experience, particularly regarding traditional ‘pain points.’

For example, imagine that your business repairs cars. You develop a mobile app that allows customers to get a quote without bringing the vehicle into the shop. They take a picture and send it to you. You make an assessment, and they know whether the trip is worthwhile.

Utilizing Business Intelligence

The big buzzword for 2017 is definitely ‘business intelligence.’ Companies now have access to extremely sophisticated software solutions that extract actionable insights from huge customer data quantities. The potential of these tools is simply huge.

They can tell you which day of the week your customers will most likely buy your product. They can tell you what season is best for a change of advertising campaign. Anything you want to know about your customers and their purchasing habits is within reach with the right software.

Opening Up to Automation

The other big trend of recent years is automation. Together with business intelligence and analytics tools, it promises to change the corporate world forever. After all, the more tasks you can schedule and leave unattended, the more time you have for complex activities.

It sounds like a simple development, but the potential is vast, especially when saving money. The truth is that time and money are equivalent for businesses, and software solutions that speed up tasks and increase accuracy are well worth your investment.

Why Careful Spending Is the Key to Success

Indeed, high-quality software and digital tools are rarely a waste of money. However, you can lose cash on programs that don’t fit your business well. Ideally, it would help if you were prioritizing scalability.

That way, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing analytics, automation, mobile apps, web development, or other resources. Your local virtual office provider is one of the best places for help and advice. They can connect you with a team of in-house tech experts.

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