5 Great Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything!

We all have friends who are impossible to buy for because they already seem to have everything that they would possibly want. From the latest gadgets to great clothing, this friend is up-to-date and on trend at all times.

So, what do you get them when it comes time to find the perfect gift? The right gift is out there. You just have to find it.

Here are a few unique ideas to give to someone who already has everything.

1: A Do-It-Yourself Cookbook

Cool websites have developed with new technology make it easier and easier to create unique gifts that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves.

One such gift is a do-it-yourself cookbook. A voucher for these online cookbooks gives your friend access to hundreds of different recipes. They choose which recipes they want in their personal cookbook and can even add their own family favourites.

By giving them this gift, you’re giving your friend a chance to create something they’ve never been able to buy before, and that is a great gift.

2: Limited Edition & Unique Figurine Gifts



While many people buy themselves the essentials that they need, they might not buy themselves fun, limited-edition items! Giving a gift that is limited edition ensures that they won’t have bought it for themselves already and it’s something that the receiver might not always buy on their own.

Collectible figurines are a great example of this. Many figurines come out in limited batches, and each one represents a special feeling or emotion that can’t be replaced. By giving a figurine, you’re giving something pretty that can be displayed and enjoyed. Figurines could represent a favourite movie, special moments in their lives, or simply that you are thinking of them (see more gift ideas).

3: A Homemade Voucher Set

Even if they have everything, your friend cannot possibly have a set of handcrafted vouchers for special treats from you.

Create vouchers good for things like a night out on the town, a movie on you, or a day of playing board games. These unique vouchers will show that you know just what your friends like. It also gives them something they cannot buy for themselves – your time and attention!

Spending time together is often taken for granted but it’s one of the best gifts. With the voucher system, you can be sure that your friend will get to enjoy your company in the coming months.

4: A Yearly Membership or Subscription

Another unique gift idea for someone who has everything is a monthly subscription or membership to an exclusive club or mailing list.

Choose a subscription your friend would enjoy and sign them up for a few months of it. This gift will keep giving to them over the following few months. There are plenty of subscription options. Wine of the month, collections of treats from around the world, and gifts of chocolate. For pet parents, there are also subscriptions to boxes of treats for their dog or cat.

5: A Homemade Treats

No matter how many things your friend might have, there’s nothing that can beat the taste of a homemade meal. Cook them your best meal to enjoy together, prepare meals they can freeze and reheat whenever they desire, or bake them delicious sweets.

You can’t beat good food made at home with love.

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