3 Gift Ideas For a One Year Anniversary

Spending your first year together in a relationship can be a magical time. The first years are full of wonder and excitement as you discover all of the new things about each other. Although a year is seemingly a long time, depending on what you compare it to, it can also be a little confusing when it comes to what to gift each other for your first anniversary.

Gifts which you give to your wife of 20 years are usually completely different than something you would gift someone who you’ve only been with for twelve months. Therefore, many people can struggle with exactly what they want to give for their very first anniversary of their relationship.

Rather than stressing yourself out or possibly making the wrong choice, take a look at some of the best ideas which won’t leave you scratching your head.


Gifting jewelry is always an appropriate choice for someone that you love. Whether its one year that you are celebrating together or fifteen, nothing says I love you like an item of jewelry.

When giving a gift like jewelry, it’s usually the best choice to avoid a ring. If you aren’t married yet this may create an awkward situation in which they are anticipating you making a proposal. This may lead to disappointment in the end which is less than ideal.

Instead, opt for something like earrings, or a watch. These are thoughtful gifts which are appropriate for saying I love you without too much pressure. Rather than potentially setting yourself up for a situation which could lead to some seriously weird vibes, play it safe.

A Trip

Gifting an experience like a trip is something that just about anyone can say is an amazing thing to receive. When you are able to go somewhere together which is new and exciting you can start to take your relationship to a new level.



Keeping things exciting is important if you want to continue to extend your relationship beyond where it’s at now. Try to keep things moving in this way and you’ll find that you have much more anniversaries to come!

Something Personalized

Giving a gift which is something original and personalized is one of the most charming things that you can do for the other person. When you remember little things about them which you then translate into a gift it can be a beautiful way of displaying that not only do you care, but you’re listening.

Ideas can include a personalized shirt, something useful like a mousepad or coffee cup, or even getting their name engraved on something which they said they had been needing.

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