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How to Make Your Online Marketplace Different from Competitors?

Developing an online marketplace demands wise approaches and well-considered strategies. Striving to build a decent revenue source, one should surely apply a reliable and proven solution to impress clients with the amazing killing features of the platform. We shall seize the possibility to identify the most valuable functionalities to be installed into your service.

By the way, you must realize that every successful business constantly improves – that’s the only strategy to take the lead in your market. So, here are the functions your clients want.


technologies allow users to see certain goods and formulate their opinions before paying for items. When buying furniture, for instance, customers highly appreciate the possibility of seeing how that chair or sofa might look in their apartment.

Houzz’s experience proves that implementing AR functionality into an online marketplace increases users’ activity. In their case, the audience enjoying the mentioned feature purchased 11 times more than users visiting their website.

Multiple advanced frameworks lure new customers by providing AR benefits. IKEA clients love goods 3D models to select exactly what they need.

Augmented reality truly deserves to be among today’s key technology trends.

#2. Bar code scanning

It’s pretty simple: barcodes are applied for product identification. Amazon obliges all the goods on its platform to contain a barcode (even if official producers don’t have one). Barcodes considerably facilitate and speed up online trade.

There’s a rich diversity of such parameters applying. You’ll easily find your unique approach to keep your audience satisfied.

Make the way to stuff your program with barcode scanners if you focus on standing out from your rivals and attracting more customers.

#3. Accessible chatting

People don’t realize their true value when considering chat functionalities as something insignificant. Such a feature directly impacts sellers’ profits and, consequently, the conversion, either increasing or decreasing.

Fast response easily encourages customers to buy a certain product. You could develop quick reply templates or chatbots to assist your clients whenever needed.

Before creating an online marketplace, consider your audience’s possibilities to preview the text before sending it, share media files, or start a group chat. Additionally, allowing clients to communicate with one another is decent to implement.

#4. Detailed searching

It’s pretty obvious that to purchase a product, first of all, you have to search for it. Thus, your search engines must be effective.

Today’s audience isn’t easily impressed. Brace yourself to work hard to get them amazed. We’d distinguish the two main solutions to assist people while finding items.

  1. Voice searching is predicted to be the search future. The good news is that such a function hasn’t been commonly applied by e-marketplace owners yet. Therefore, you have a perfect opportunity to outperform your rivals;
  2. Picture shopping allows tracking a particular item by taking a picture of it. Undoubtedly, the mentioned technology is our future.

Experts predict by 2020, half of all searches will be performed with pictures and voice recognition. Use the time to your best advantage to prepare yourself and your marketplace platform accordingly.

#5. Mobile’s first and foremost

Don’t make the common mistake of ignoring mobile platform development. That’s completely the wrong attitude—Amazon, Starbucks, and eBay are all big sharks who take advantage of their applications.

Starting with a web resource, at some point, entrepreneurs realize the importance of an app version, so they decide to build one to support their business.

By the way, building a mobile service with limited coding skills and experience is simpler.

#6. Wishing lists

Given features might come in handy when, for certain reasons, a person doesn’t buy immediately; however, they can potentially turn into a buyer someday. A wishlist is a tool to help that individual choose your platform when it’s time to purchase. Let’s check what Wish list options Amazon provides:

  • public being accessible to every user of Amazon;
  • shared, which is available for those who get access to such data (Wishlist can help friends select the right present);
  • private being visible solely to the user.

#7. Customer support

The secret of an in-demand service is to keep its users happy and satisfied. They’ll need your assistance. Thus, be available around the clock, ideally. FAQ’s systems, chatbots, and numerous other instruments are available.

One useful piece of advice… When ordering a helpdesk service from a developing organization, you’ll manage to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively.

#8. Introducing Siri

Siri will always be on your marketplace program side. Customers will certainly appreciate its assistance in performing routine actions, like calling a possible purchaser, etc.

Those B2B services enjoying Siri’s support are pleased with the results. Their achievements inspire, and their experience is desired.

#9. Delivery

Who wouldn’t implement one, right? We shall take a fresh look at the subject.

There’s no need to worry about delivery solutions when having a service-providing platform. If you have a product-selling resource, the mentioned parameter deserves good care. Here are possible delivery variants:

  • Sellers and purchasers face-to-face meetings – they shall communicate via chats to set it up. There’s one more reason to install a chatting feature into your program;
  • Doormat delivers service – while integrating, it ensures developers achieve sustainable interactions between servers and clients through certain APIs.

It’s your call which of the mentioned above to apply.

#10. Notification

Feel the line between persistence and obtrusiveness. Don’t cross it while you remind your audience about your application.

Simple and friendly alerts shall inform your clients about any news and updates.

It’s perfectly normal to start small and move step by step. Constant improvement is the right strategy. Even Uber and Airbnb keep growing and evolving.

Selecting the best features and implementing them uniquely shall distinguish your solution from other similar platforms.

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